Case Study Of Food Container

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Chapter 1
Situation Analysis Foods are delicious and healthy that is why the people loved to eat it. Foods should be stored properly. According to Graham Day, 2011, foods that are correctly stored will be protected from contamination, deterioration, and damage. One way to store food is using containers. Containers are used to store objects or food. Food containers are used to hold and transport food at different temperatures (Thomas, 2017). It is very useful for people who have to prepare food and eat it later of the day. Containers, nowadays, are objects that are very helpful to people. They make people’s lives easier. People can store food in it and eat the food on the following day without it being spoiled. Food containers
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According to Kate Halse, 2017, Rubbermaid, PERSIK, Lock&Lock, and OXO are some of the best brands when it comes to soup or food container. These brands already proved that they are the best in making containers. This is the reason that the study must pursue and that the study can prove that a person does not need quality food containers from different brands and a person can just make his or her own improved container that can make a soup hot for a long period. Different brands of soup or food container pop out of nowhere. If there are different brands of container manufacturer then there are also different types of food or soup container. According to Kayla Holman, 2008, there are four types of food containers: plastics are the most popular; metal cans are more costly, vacuum pouches must be sealed properly, and glass jars are more stable but fragile at the same time. There are also different sizes of food containers. The storage of food started a long time ago. According to James Tolboe, 2015, storage of food started in the times of the ancient Egyptians, Mayans and, Greeks. Through their techniques, they were able to preserve food and the people of today adopted these…show more content…
According to Doug Stewart, 2017, James Prescott Joule, an English physicist studied the nature of heat and laid the foundation of the theory known as conservation of energy. According to Heba Soffar, 2015, heat is a thermal energy that flows from a warmer region to a much colder or cooler region. In addition, another meaning of heat is according to Chris Woodford, 2017, heat is a shortened term of saying heat energy. Heat energy is can transforms matters into different states. When ice is heated, it turns into water. When water is heated, it evaporates and then become rain or droplets of water under a cover. The best way to measure heat is through thermometer. According to Chris Woodford, 2017, there are two common scales that are used when heat is being measured. One is Celsius and Fahrenheit, named after Anders Celsius and Daniel Fahrenheit, respectively (Woodford, 2017). Kelvin is also used which was named after William Thompson, popularly known as Lord Kelvin (Woodford,
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