Islam And Christianity: The Origins Of Islam And Christianity

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Feras Saifan
Professor Saperstein
History 1030-81
May 5th, 2014
The origins of Islam and Christianity
The Middle East has been surrounded by significant historical developments that are essential in the world we’re living in. Middle East has served as the birth place for many religions and cultures. Two of the largest and most historically important religions that the Middle East occupied during the 1000-1300 BCE are Islam and Christianity. Islam and Christianity have expanded around the same time, however; each religion had its own beliefs and own culture and traditions. Both religions had a great impact on the course of history until this day.
There were many conflicts and disagreements that have occurred among Christians and Muslims for centuries. Both Islam and Christianity believe in the same one true God that sends his messengers down to observe his people. Muslims believed that prophet Muhammad is the messenger from God “Allah” to spread Islam in the entire world starting with the Arabs. However, Christians believed in Jesus Christ and believed in the bible.
Christianity spread a few centuries before Islam even existed. It was guided by the life and teachings of Christ Jesus. When it first began, it started as a Jewish group from Eastern Mediterranean in the first century. Towards the 4th century, it was dominating all of the Roman Empire. It was spread everywhere by the middle Ages to America, Australasia, and most of Europe. It was founded trial of Yeshua Ben Yosef (Joshua son of Joseph). He is now known as Jesus, the Greek from of his name.
Between 1000 and 1300, European Christianity was transformed from a religion of monks to a mass faith. Churches became an integral part of the numerous villages that w...

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...spiration. The Quran was revealed to Muhammad through the angel Jibril sent from Allah. Both religions have a big difference which is the birth, death, crucification, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Both religions differed in the methods of how each expanded among the countries of the world and among the people. Christian’s communities have existed throughout the Middle East and Turkey, some in Greece and Italy by the year 200 A.D. Nevertheless, Islam spread quickly from the Saudia Arabia to the Middle East and North Africa conquering the Middle East. Christianity became stronger in Europe after Islam took over the Middle East and North Africa. Islam couldn’t spread into Europe as Christianity has done during the Roman Empire. Therefore, its main core region was the Middle East conquering Syria, Egypt where the people were living under a suppressive rule.
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