Islam: Islam, War Or Peace?

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Islam, War or Peace?

Islam is a monotheistic religion or faith that about one billion people follow today. It has been known to link with violence in conversations, world news, articles, books, and other pieces of literature mostly in the western part of the world. On the other hand Islam still promotes peace, which many people tend to underestimate because the multitude of people juxtapose Islam with violence and think that Islam is trying to dominate the world, while others think that it is an act of self-defense. Even though Islam is one of the most violent religions in the present world, it still means “peace” and encourages it.

The views of the Islamic religion are all about perception. The western views on Islam are often driven by the lack of knowledge of this religion and the stereotyping of Muslims. In the western world many people their views of the Islamic religion are controlled by international conflicts (ex. twin tower incident), and they characterize Islam with words like “aggression” and “violence”. On the other hand, Muslims do not think Islam juxtaposes violence at all, they think all the events that have stereotyped Muslims were used as an act of self-defense. The goal of Islam is peace even though it allows violence, but it does not encourage it.

Jihad means struggle, and is seen as the religious duty of all Muslims, it is used a lot in a military way and is seen a lot as a sixth pillar. Jihad appears in the Qur’an 41 times. There is even a sect of Islam named after the notion of jihad, the people that follow this sect are called jihadist, and their religious goal is world domination. Muslims believe that when you die in a state of jihad, you are guaranteed into paradise after you die, and this is why many...

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...cannot see all the peaceful and merciful verses in the Qur’an like “And fight in the way of God with those who fight you, but aggress not: God loves not the aggressors.” This quote from the Qur’an clearly does not advise people to use violence to “fight in the way of god”, but words. Muhammad was not a violent person either, as one of his quotes suggests “Not to harm and not to be harmed.”

Islam, like every other religion, has some reference to violence in its holy book. This does not mean that it is a violent religion, which many people have been thinking due to the unfortunate terrorist attacks made by Muslims. The only reason these attacks have happened is because Muslim extremists take advantage of the meaning of jihad to get a prodigious afterlife. These extremists only represent a minority of this religion, while the majority of Muslims are totally peaceful.
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