Registered Nurse Career

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Nurses are nice, caring, loving people that will try everything they can to help them get a better understanding of their symptoms. Nurses help their patients by explaining their symptoms in easier ways. Nurses are always listening to their patients to understand what their trying to say and so they know how their feeling. Registered nurses are loving people who love all their patients. People that want to become nurses need to have a loving heart and would love to help people out. People who love helping others should become a registered nurse.

A registered nurses job is to take care of the patients and give the patients support (“Registered Nurses” para.1). To be a registered nurse, you need to have skills. If you don’t have enough skill, you need to improve them even though it takes a little hard work and motivation. You do need to be able to talk in front of people, see the patients condition, and understand the patients (Registered nurses” para.9). Registered nurses should ask appropriate questions and shouldn’t interrupt the patient. Nurses should be aware of others reactions and why they are reacting the way they are. Nurses always look for ways to help the patient. Nurses use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their patients (“Occupation” para.19). Registered nurses must provide person assistance, medical attention, emotional support, or other personal care to co-workers, customers, and patients. Nurses must be organized, must plan, and prioritize their work. Nurses need to keep up to date and should apply new knowledge to their job (“Occupation”para.23). Nurses must be emotionally stable, must have speaking skills, and have compassion towards the patients (“Registered Nurses”para.14). To b...

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...e. Many people think they have a great job, they get paid well and they get to help others in which they love doing. Nurses try their best to make their patients healthier and happier.

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