Characteristics Of A Health Care Provider

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5. Teamwork: It is about health service members and health system working together collaboratively in providing care to each patient to bring out best patient results. 6. Environments: Environments should be designed in such a way that it facilitates staffs to work in a person-centred way. 7. Inclusion: Patients’ family members, relatives, friends, and partners should also be included in the process of care and support as it fosters mutual relationships among them and also care outcomes. It is mentioned in McCance and McCormack (2016, p.) that McCormack and McCance first developed person-centred practice theoretical framework in 2006 and again more advanced in 2010. It was originated from earlier experimental study done on person-centred practice with old-aged people and the nursing care skills. The framework constitutes of following components. 1. Prerequisites: These are the characteristics of a health care provider like competency, dedication towards work, social skills, and understanding self and others values and beliefs. 2. Care environment: This includes appropriate proportion of skilled health workers, nurturing staffs connections, groups that work on the basis of distributed control and judgments and the probability for new ideas. 3. Person-centred processes: It focuses on providing care with holistic approach, respecting patient’s values and beliefs, and working in partners. 4. Outcomes: These are the results; patients well being, patient satisfaction, and a creation of a healing atmosphere. Person centredness is being implemented in delivering care to patients suffering from all sorts of conditions. In providing care to patients with long-term conditions, certain points are to be followed like care and support plann... ... middle of paper ... ...he care plan would be beneficial if it is designed by consulting with patients, their families, carers, paramedics, voluntary services and other health members. And anyone involved in the care should have the quick access (Lehos 2016). Patient experiences are equally important for better clinical outcomes. But many medical professionals are unaware about it. If the influences of person-centred care on patients were studied then, it would be of great help in improving patient’s quality of life, healthy outcomes, improved patient advice and support, patient satisfaction and also job satisfaction for health team members. Some patients have shared their experiences like they felt healthy when doctors and nurses talked to them as a person, and statements like nobody understood their body more than themselves, not even their doctors (Rasmussen, Jorgensen & Leyshon 2014).

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