The Importance Of Emergency Departments In Healthcare Hospitals

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The goal in all healthcare settings is to provide high-quality care to their clients. Emergency departments (ED) are no different, but are challenged with balancing quality with quantity in a timely manner. Unlike physician offices and hospital floors, EDs do not get to set a limit on the number of patients they see at a time. There is no control over patient arrival, which can and often does result in controlled chaos. The American College of Emergency Physicians (2014) reports “because of the unscheduled and episodic nature of health emergencies and acute illnesses, experienced and qualified physician, nursing, and ancillary personnel must be available 24 hours a day”. Despite the unpredictable nature of emergency medicine, the goal…show more content…
We also have maintenance workers that double as security at the main ER. The pre-hospital emergency services work as an extension of our ERs. They transport patients to and from the ERs, and assist in facilitating quality care to the patients in our communities. For instance, they have the capability to send a 12-lead ECG via fax to the ER to notify of a ST-segment elevation myocardial infarct, often allowing for door to cath lab time to be less than 10 minutes. The main ER also has access to a trauma team, which is a team of hospital staff, including the house supervisor, Intensive Care Unit charge nurse, surgeon, respiratory therapist, lab technician, radiology technician, and chaplain that respond to any moderate or major trauma. Our specialty physicians include orthopedists, pulmonologists, neurologists, pediatricians, cardiologists, psychiatrists, gynecological /obstetricians, otolaryngologists, pain management, hematology/oncologists, and interventional radiologists. Neither ER has full time housekeeping, so the nurses and PCTs are responsible for cleaning rooms and keeping the department clean. Housekeeping is only responsible for cleaning rooms that require specialized treatment, such as isolation

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