Descriptive Essay On National Parks

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Traveling to the different national parks over the past three years has shaped my perspective of the world and the power of Mother Nature. My grandparents have always had a love for nature, and they wanted my sister and I to experience Mother Nature's work on Earth. They came up with the idea to go on vacation every summer with us to visit the different national parks. Because of them, we have had truly amazing adventures! The first national park that we visited was the Great Smoky Mountains. Seeing the mountains for the first time was an experience I will never forget. Indiana is hilly but extremely flat compared to the mountains in Tennessee. The first hike that I had ever been on was supposed to be a short, leisurely hike up the mountain.…show more content…
Just from the name, I was a bit skeptical. It was called the Pinnacle Peak hike. We started up the mountain and after an hour of hiking, it did not seem feasible that we would ever reach the top of this mountain. After six strenuous hours of going straight up, we finally made it to the top, and the view was incredible. We were so far up that you could look up and it seemed as though you were in the clouds. If you looked down, you could see the shade of the clouds on the tops of the trees. I had never been that high up in nature before. It put into perspective how huge the Earth really was. The second national park that I have been able to gape at was with amazement was Yellowstone National Park. This national park was like nothing I had ever seen before.There are so many amazing animals. Some of these animals happened to be a couple of feet from us. We were blessed with the opportunity to go on an animal tour in Yellowstone on the first day we had arrived. This experience was scary, fun, and at one point we were for sure our lives were in jeopardy. The tour…show more content…
I am better off because of the knowledge I have gained about the world through traveling. Now that I have this knowledge I am able to appreciate the world around me more. This world is very big, and we are little ants compared to the size of Earth. We have been blessed to have all these different beautiful naturally made landmarks. We oftentimes take this for granted, National Parks ask for donations do that they can keep the park in good working condition. I now see how great we really have it on Earth. I am a better person now because I donate to parks so that we can visit them in the future. I also do not take for granted what I have been given. Traveling has made me a better person in more than one way than making me more relaxed and

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