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  • Diabetic Foot

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    Keypoints 1. Patients with diabetic foot may present as an emergency with sepsis (with or without ischemia), they may also present with tissue loss. 2. A prompt diagnosis, clear pathway, management plan as well as urgent surgical intervention will cutback complications and reduce the risk of amputation. 3. Multidisciplinary team approach is inevitable, as these conditions may be life threatening. Epidemiology The global prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus is 5.1% and

  • Factors That Lead To Foot And Foot Pain

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    factors that lead to foot and leg pain or injury especially in the movement of the foot within everyday activities like walking. Excessive pressure, poor foot care, and infection like virus or bacteria can also contribute to foot disorder. Foot problems can effect people regardless of age. Podiatrist can evaluate and analysis/diagnose foot and leg abnormalities by using variety equipment. Treatment can range from prescription medication or correction footwear to surgery. Common foot ailments are: Bunions

  • Big Foot

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    BIG FOOT Is Bigfoot real? Bigfoot was known in the past to be just a legend, but more and more researchers keep finding more and more information to back their theory up. Where is Bigfoot? “ Dennis Roe was hidden in a bush outside of Hollywood and a female Bigfoot about six feet tall, approximately three feet wide, weighing around three hundred pounds came towards Dennis unaware she was being watched. When bigfoot was about twenty feet away from Dennis, it squatted down and crawled over to

  • Diabetic Foot Essay

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    Care of the Diabetic Foot Diabetic foot problems are a major health concern and are a common cause of hospitalization. Most problems for diabetics are nerve damage and poor circulation. Due to poor circulation and loss of feeling can result to unknown injuries or ulcerations which may progress to a serious infection in a matter of days. Chronic nerve damage, which is known as neuropathy can cause dry cracked skin, which provides a gateway for bacteria to enter and cause an infection. The following

  • The Human Foot and Ankle

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    Introduction The human foot and ankle are composed of 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than a hundred muscles, tendons and ligaments. These components work together to provide the body with support, balance and mobility. The foot acts as a “rigid lever and mobile adapter” (Amstrong [Prosthetic feet], 2010). The human foot must be capable of withstanding the body’s weight and functions as a shock absorber (Swierzewski, 2007; NYU, 1990). The prosthetic foot needs to be capable of mimicking the missing

  • History Of Foot Binding

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    2 Foot binding is one of the cultures in China, signifying beauty and torture. Also, signifies that a girl had achieved womanhood. Men think that foot binding is a physical attractive in a woman. Foot binding may be a torture for women, but is part of the culture, and they had to respect the culture, otherwise they will be considered unmarriageable and become concubines or servants. Foot binding was motivated in the 10th centuries by a ballet dancer named Yao Niang, who bound her feet in a

  • Foot-Binding

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    The practice of Foot-Binding entered into Mainstream Chinese culture around the 12th and 13th centuries (Feng 236), a time when the emerging conservative movement and the creation of a new social class system severely lowered the status of women. The restructuring of the social class system was driven by new and increased prosperity and created a new and higher standard of living that was enjoyed by the new upper class of scholars and farmers. The higher standard of living of the once lower stature

  • Foot Washing in The Gospel of John

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    Foot Washing in The Gospel of John Christ washed his disciples’ feet that he might give a proof of that great love wherewith he loved them. Christ washed his disciple’s feet that he might signify to them spiritual washing, and the cleansing of the soul from the pollutions of sin. Christ washed his disciple’s feet that he might give an instance of his own wonderful humility, and show how lowly and condescending he was, and let all the world know how low he could stoop in love to his own. Christ

  • Athletes Foot Essay

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    Athlete’s Foot: Tinea Pedis DEFINITION • Athlete’s foot is also known as ringworm of the foot. • It is a contagious fungal infection of the skin of the foot (particularly the upper layers of epidermis) caused by the fungus, Trichophyton or Epidermophyton floccosum. AETIOLOGY • Athlete’s foot is caused by dermatophytes, a group of parasitic fungi that cause infections in the outer layers of the skin. • The fungi flourish in warm and humid conditions making area such as public swimming pools, public

  • Athlete's Foot

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    hat. Clara chased after her, managing to take her skates off first. She was barefoot and was running across the floor that many people have with sweaty feet. Clara won’t see signs it for 2-3 weeks, but after running on dirty floors she has Athlete’s Foot. The Next Day… First period Clara has drama class in the Theater Room. She walks to class with her friends and before entering the room she takes off her shoes. It happens to be she never wears socks in her shoes. The class plays charades and little