Factors That Lead To Foot And Foot Pain

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There are many factors that lead to foot and leg pain or injury especially in the movement of the foot within everyday activities like walking. Excessive pressure, poor foot care, and infection like virus or bacteria can also contribute to foot disorder. Foot problems can effect people regardless of age. Podiatrist can evaluate and analysis/diagnose foot and leg abnormalities by using variety equipment. Treatment can range from prescription medication or correction footwear to surgery. Common foot ailments are:
Bunions (hallux valgus): common forefront foot deformities, a condition that describes the formation of bone enlargement on the first joint at the base of the large toe this is called bunions. The formation of bunion is caused by the large toe leaning inward against the adjacent smaller toes forcing the joint of the large toe to be prominent. The big toe might overlap the second toe in severe cases. The skin becomes thick and inflamed around the damaged joint. Bunions develop due to bearing of uneven pressure on the joint of the toes.
Corns and calluses: these forms where the skin becomes harder by developing thick layers to protect itself from pressure and friction. The difference between corns and calluses, is that calluses develops in weight-bearing areas, likes the soles of the feet, whereas, corns are develop on top and sides of feet, smaller than calluses, painful.
Athlete’s foot (Tinea pedis): fungal skin infection commonly happens to feet that are very sweaty where there is warmth and moisture. The skin became scaly rash initial redness, moist, itchiness. Athlete’s foot is contagious.
Shin pain (shin splints): refers to pain that occurs at the bigger bone in front of the lower leg that is called the shin area....

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... a license to practice from accredited colleges of podiatry in US or UK. Further educational courses are important so the podiatrist keep up on new development of podiatry medicine.
Podiatrists are members of the College of Chiropodist in Ontario. The college serves as regulate body for podiatry and chiropody under the Regulated Health Professions Act and the Chiropody Act. The significant of regulated health professional are to serve its members and to listen to their voices, improving podiatry profession, serving the public with high quality footwear and protect the public from illegal practice and dishonest practitioner. Podiatry are legally authorized to prescribe drugs, may administer injection on the feet, may preform surgical on the subcutaneous foot and fore foot bone, may operate X-ray for diagnosis under the Healing Arts Radiation Protection Act.
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