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  • The Effects of a Tumor on the Family Members

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    The Effects of a Tumor on the Family Members A tumor that is specifically in the frontal cortex can cause many changes physically and emotionally which can affect the way you interact with your family. Some of the functions of the frontal lobe are attention, abstract thought, problem solving, intelligence, creative thought, initiative inhibition, judgment, mood, major body movements, bowel and bladder control, memory and reasoning (retrieved from What this means is that you

  • Neuropsychology & Spouse/Family Members

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    are employed when trying to determine the extent of the damage, to gaining an understanding of how this damage will affect the rest of the brain and/or the body. I will also explore the effects of a brain injury from the perspective of the family members, and their experiences with the changes that occur during the rehabilitation process. According to The Neuropsychology Center, “neuropsychological assessment is a systematic clinical diagnostic procedure used to determine the extent of any

  • Family Member Perspective and Damage to Temporal Lobe

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    Family Member Perspective and Damage to Temporal Lobe The temporal lobe has several functions. Among these functions are auditory, memory, and emotional tone to sensory input. In these ways temporal lobes allow us to not only hear, but to comprehend what we hear and put it in to the proper context to effectively remember. (Columbia Encyclopedia, 2005) Because of the functions of the temporal lobe, someone who suffers from damage to this area due to either a lesion or tumor can also suffer

  • Family Members Should NOT Decide When Life Support is Needed

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    Should the decision to keep a person on life support be made by family members only? This question has major impact on many people’s lives, their deaths, and their quality of life. Many other questions can be asked in conjunction with this question. How would you like to be kept on life support? Would you want a doctor to make the decision of ‘life or death’? The questions just keep on coming, and every time we seem to find ourselves divided. This issue is relevant because of the recent media

  • The Roles of Family Members in Modern Family

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    Channel changed the way America viewed families with the premiere of the hit television show Modern Family. The show follows three families, Jay Pritchett’s and his two children, from his first marriage, Mitchell and Claire. Jay is married to a much younger woman, Gloria, who has a child from a previous marriage, named Manny. Mitchell lives with his partner Cameron and they have an adopted Vietnamese daughter, Lily. Claire’s family is the most like the traditional family. She is married to her husband Phil

  • The Unexpected Loss of a Family Member

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    Our family was never close but we didn’t care. Nobody thought one day things might be different. All of that changed on September 20, 2014 when a hostile argument ended with the death of both my aunt and uncle. For years their marriage was falling apart. My aunt was very materialistic and wanted my cousins to have whatever they asked for but in reality my uncle knew it was impossible financially for them to achieve this. He would try to explain this to her but it usually led to arguments where

  • The Impact of Disability on a Family Member

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    As certainly as intellectual disability has an influence on the individual as well as society in basic, it likewise has an influence on families. The attributes of households differ substantially; therefore too can the possible impact of intellectual disability on a family member. (Taylor, Brady & Richards, p. 209, 2005). I interviewed Ms. Nikki Gorman on October 3rd and October 10th, an Intervention Specialist at Holmes Resident Intermediate school who teaches exactly what is termed as the "MH

  • The Importance of Family in McCullers' The Member of the Wedding

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    The Importance of Family in McCullers' The Member of the Wedding "I don't need my mother or my father anymore. I am a teenager, who needs them? I can definitely live on my own." Carson McCullers wrote a novel, The Member of the Wedding (1946), which put a twelve-year-old girl, Frankie, in the situation of leaving her family and hometown. After last year, her best friend moved away and she was left alone. She used to be very popular and hung out in all of the clubhouses around town. Now, she

  • Family Members Essay: Different Types Of Family

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    everybody has the same type of family. Of course not; if we did, then we would all go on to live the same lifestyles, and that would be boring. Every family is different in their own way, and the biggest difference would be the family members themselves. The amount of family members can range from large, to medium, to small, but just what type of family members are they? There are strict parents, carefree grandparents, the no-show cousins, and many, many more. Family members of most to all kinds can be

  • Caring for Family Members with Alzheimer's Disease

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    "Confusion, Anxiety, Anger and Pain, Despair" these are some of the words that Kaunie Hagensen uses to describe her condition in the poem Lost. (Hagensen 1999) These feelings are shared by many people today who suffer from, or have family members who suffer from Alzheimer's disease. The Encyclopedia of Alzheimer's Disease describes it as being, "a progressive degenerative disease characterized by the death of nerve cells in several areas of the brain. While the most obvious symptom is loss of