Character Analysis: Anh Family Members

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5. The reason Anh father causes his family to reget him his he invested both his and his brothers money into the factory in Leichhardt and the duck farm. He was an optimistic and risk taking man which ultimately led to his down fall he bought cheap and poisoned duck food which killed the ducks and his family’s source of income. His brothers were angry and felt betrayed they had no money and no way of getting what they were owed back. The guilt of cheating and betraying the brothers consumed him and he turned to alcohol which had always being present his drinking became out of control and his personality became violet he was no longer capable of holding a steady job this lead to him leaving his with and children. 6. Anh was afraid of the …show more content…

Anh family was poor in Vietnam and there were no jobs and they were barely surviving so in Australia there were opituntie to work and create a better life for their children then they had. They can also afford to have cloths and lucrurious they couldn’t never had becoming custom to this life they work hard to be able to live comfortably. 8. Anh family values family more than anything because they have been through a lot fleeing Vietnam together putting their lives in danger they cherish the fact they can be together in a place where there opportunity for them to have a better life. They also value money not taking it for granted saving and working as hard as possible to enough to live comfortably. The one thing they fear most is not having money and returing to the same situation they were in Vietnam they don’t want to waste the opportunity of coming to Australia just to stay in the same position they started in. 9. The appurtenances I value most in life are family, friends, teachers, education and life. The thing I fear most is failure and not meeting the expectations of those around me I fear being treated differently and out casted. I also rear regret and not tacking action when it presents itself and later regretting my

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