Family Members Essay: Different Types Of Family

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Not everybody has the same type of family. Of course not; if we did, then we would all go on to live the same lifestyles, and that would be boring. Every family is different in their own way, and the biggest difference would be the family members themselves. The amount of family members can range from large, to medium, to small, but just what type of family members are they? There are strict parents, carefree grandparents, the no-show cousins, and many, many more. Family members of most to all kinds can be classified into the following three categories: family members who aren’t particularly close, long distance family members who are only seen once or twice a year, and family members who are always around, which is, without a doubt, something that everyone wants. Let’s begin by talking about …show more content…

These types of family members are very supportive and will accept you for who you are, without a care in the world for anything that you might believe in, such as religion, sexuality, and more. Just being supportive alone can progress a healthy relationship, which is something else that most people, if not everybody, want. Family members who are always there will be there even in your time of need, whether you’re grieving or even just in need of a little comfort. They are the types who will answer the phone for you, even at two ‘o clock in the morning when they have work in five hours, just to know if there’s anything you ever want or need. These types of family members will make time for you even during a hectic and busy schedule, because it shows that they care and that they want to be with you. They do try to be there for their loved ones and spend time with them, taking them places or just hanging out in general. Unlike family members who aren’t close, this type has a much healthier

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