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  • Eye Movement Research

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    Humans have been studying eye movements for many years now. The first recorded person to publish studies that contributed to the field of eye tracking was Louis Émile Javal [1, 2] in 1878, roughly a century before computers started becoming commonly used. Javal observed human eye movement while reading and was the first to observe that eyes make a combination of rapid movements (which he called saccades) and short stops (which he called fixations). Javal conducted this experiment without the assistance

  • Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements

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    object is identified, smooth pursuit eye movements are used to track the object as we, or the object, move through the environment. Smooth pursuit eye movements are slow eye movements that follow a target and are used to maintain its position on the fovea. The smooth pursuit eye movements studied here are conjugate with the eyes moving together and the angle between them preserved. A visual stimulus is usually required to initiate a smooth pursuit eye movement (Rashbass, 1961). Although, by degrading

  • The Importance Of Sleep During Rapid Eye Movement Sleep

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    stages of sleep, rapid eye movement and Non-rapid eye movement. During rapid eye movement(REM) sleep, your voluntary muscles are paralyzed, your eyes move rapidly under your eyelids, and 90% of your dreams occur. In rapid eye movement sleep, your heart beats faster and body temperatures increase to near waking levels. While conscious, you have a total of 4 different sleep waves determining the 4 different stages you enter during rapid eye movement sleep. In Non- rapid eye movement(Non-REM) you are able

  • The Reinforcement of Racial Hierarchies in Morrison's "The Bluest Eye" and Neal's "The Black Arts Movement"

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    predominant, societal, white aesthetic and through the perceptions associated with physical characteristics. In The Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison first illustrates the reinforcement of racial hierarchies through the proliferation of a predominant, societal white aesthetic by recounting passages from the Dick and Jane books, a standardization of family life. Next, “The Black Arts Movement” by Larry Neal demonstrates the reinforcement of racial hierarchies through the proliferation of a white aesthetic by

  • Analyzing Consumer Behavior

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    mechanisms which will effectively and efficiently communicate their business to their clients. In understanding the consumer process for choice, various practices have been examined and affected. The methods of choice include monitoring of information, eye movement monitoring and issues to do with task analysis among others. The studying of such methods has demonstrated the characteristics of the consumer behavior and the implementation of such choices. Due to recent development in attention in using information

  • Symptoms And Characteristics Of Rett Syndrome

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    growth resulting in a smaller than normal head size; the loss of normal movement and coordination - including a decrease in hand control and a decrease in the ability to crawl or walk normally; loss of communication and thinking abilities - including the ability to speak and the loss of interest in people or toys; the development of abnormal hand movements or patterns such as hand wringing or squeezing; unusual eye movements like intense staring or blinking; breathing problems – including breath-holding

  • Wavelet Based Reflection: Eye Crush And Eye Movement

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    Eye blink and eye movement are the artifact in the recorded EEG signal. The eye which consists of electrical dipole and eye sight change due to the eye movement and eye blink and also which causes change over the scalp. One approach is used for analysis and suppression of artifact is wavelet based technique. The other technique also used which effectively suppress the artifact is data driven technique is called empirical mode decomposition (EMD) with cross correlation. The EEG recorded EEG signal

  • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing ( Emdr )

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    Research Paper Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Cristie Frey University of Utah Francine Shapiro developed the therapeutic intervention called Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) in 1987. In the ten years prior, Shapiro, a PhD in English Literature, took an interest in behavior therapy and when she was diagnosed with cancer, it was the impetus for her to focus on, “ the interplay of mind and external stressors” (Shapiro, 2001). The foundation of

  • Sleep Disorders: Rapid Eye Movement

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    disorders, most of whom are unaware of the impact on their daily life (Wells,Vaughn 234). Due to a large portion of people being unaware of sleep disorders’ impaction, the number continuously increases. Major sleep disorders are known to be Rapid Eye Movement(REM), Insomnia, and Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA). Over 80 medically recognized sleep disorders exist with insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring, jet lag, shift work, sleepwalking and restless legs syndrome being some of the most common (Wells, Vaughn

  • Eye movements are a reflection of cognitive processes

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    changes and the overt products, such as behaviour, accuracy, response times and eye movements. The scope of this essay is to review the evidence that demonstrates exactly how eye movements reflect cognitive processes. Due to the vastness of the topic, this essay will focus on only one of the aforementioned cognitive processes. There has been much attention and extensive literature and reviews regarding eye movements as a tool for understanding the processes of reading, visual perception, visual search