Lucid Dreaming Research Paper

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Psychologists have been studying dreams for as long as humans have experienced them. They have information about dreams but do not know the specifics, yet some mysteries remain. There are many reasons as to why the brain drifts away at night. There are reasons behind why the human brain experiences dreams, including chemical and psychological reasons, and different types of dreams that occur when the human body is asleep.
There are both chemical and psychological reasons to why the brain experiences dreams. Chemical reasons play a big role in why the brain dreams. Countless dreams occur during the rapid eye movement stage. Rapid eye movement is a jerky or weird movement of the eye while asleep. Several of the dreams that occur last twenty …show more content…

While the brain goes through the rapid eye movement stage while sleeping, it experiences several different thoughts; whether they be unsettling thoughts, complicated problems, or emotional situations, the brain completes these dreams to reach some sort of balance. This also factors into the fact people dream about past, present and future information. The brain has its way of bringing up the past and capturing the future. Several of the tasks humans do throughout are day are linked to the dreams their brain produce at night and help them create future situations (“Dreams- what really happens when we sleep”). All of these facts factor into the type of dreams the brain produces. One type of dreams the brain can experience is called lucid dreaming: Lucid dreaming is a state of consciousness and happens the human is asleep. Even though the word lucid mean clear, lucid dreaming means more than to just have a clear dream (D’Urso). However lucid dreams are dreams of clarity; this means they have complete awareness that one is dreaming and can change or create the dream the person wants. When a person ha a lucid dream they can experience romantic fantasies or bizarre adventures (Wiley, 217). However lucid dreaming is not the only type of dreaming you can …show more content…

Most people categorize Day-dreams as a trance ( Wiley, 217). Neuroscientists have discovered that Day-dreams mostly occur between tasks, such as washing the dishes than waiting for the laundry to be done. These same structures turn off as soon as people start to engage in tasks were the original focus. Also the neuroscientists have found that day-dreaming can bring you happiness. Day dreaming about actual people rather than imaginary situations will most likely make you happier (Whitbourne) There are different types of dreams but why do we

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