Dreams and the Unconscious Mind

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Are dreams just the interpretation of the human unconcious mind? Do the dreams humans have represent unfulfilled wishes in there unconcious mind? Are feelings of de ja vue just those unconcious thoughts coming out in dreams and as such being thought of as all ready living that specific moment? All good questions that have plauged pyschologist since the age of Freud. Dreams have been seen in different ways by many different people. Some say that there are signs in dreams that point toward things that my happen in life such as omens. Other psychologist such as Freud say that dreams are just representations of our uncoucious minds at work. The world renowned psycologist also goes on to say, "Dreams are just unfulfilled wishes in our minds that come out in our dreams also known as our inhibitions (Freud 12). Dreams are so vast and come in so many forms, but the more they are studied they all point to Freuds view on the uncocious mind just trying to get out.

Dreams occur when a person is just barely sleeping. Thier are five stages to sleep, the first being fully awake, the second stage which is barely asleep is where the dreams occur. At this stage in sleep people have what is called REM. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement which means the eyes are moving at a fast pace. When observed on an electrode machine the subject has a lot of alpha movement in the brain(Lefton 123). Alpha waves represent a large firing of nuerons in the brain. This indicates that thoughts are being processed. Durring the last stage of sleep the person shows delta waves occupy the movement in the brain(Lefton 123). Delta waves are long drawn out waves with a slow increase and a slow decrease in the peak. This means that the brain is only conducting i...

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...nclusions out of. The first dream dealt with the want to win a championship in soccer. The conclusions that I drew from the dream was that she was a motivated person who plays soccer, but having never won a state championship caused her do have the dream to fulfill her need to win a championship. However the second dream dealt with marriage. This dream was a little harder to put a finger on. The dream vary vivid and even included a few descriptions of people there. To me the dream was just easing her desire to get married at this point in life. This was an unconcious wish she had in her mind. When I asked her about marriage she replied, "I havent talked about it with any one but a couple of days ago I was thinking about it." Ozimok then went on to say" I cant believe how accurate the dream was in comparison to what I was thinking about only a few days ago (Ozimok)."

In this essay, the author

  • Explains freud's hypothesis that dreams are just reflections of our unconcious wants and needs.
  • Describes examples of dreams being uncocious thoughts found in the bible. they have an interview with their pastur this friday after church.
  • Explains how they used a close friend named megan ozimok as their patient. they had her set her alarm clock for certain times to hit those times that she would be in the dream cycle.
  • Explains that dreams are just the interpretation of the human unconcious mind.
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