Ethical Responsibilities Essays

  • Video Games and Ethical Responsibility

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    Video Games and Ethical Responsibility We are the first generation to grow up in a world full of computers. Everyone and their cousin has one. It is almost impossible to go on a vacation anymore without seeing a computer. Some hotels and cruise ships have public computers and even many planes have video game systems built into the back of every chair. With computers being so predominant in our daily lives, we must have some use for them. Many people use them for work and many for the internet

  • Legal and Ethical Responsibilities.

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    Legal and Ethical Responsibilities. Direct Discrimination :- something like putting in the job advertisement “women need not apply”. Indirect Discrimination :- saying there’s a height limit such as a 6’4”. This will limit who can apply for the job. Sex Discrimination Act 1975 The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 makes sex discrimination unlawful in employment, vocational training, education, the provision and sale of goods, facilities and services and premises. In employment and vocational

  • Vermont Teddy Bear Ethical Responsibility

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    The next, and possibly the most important building block of the CSR pyramid are the ethical responsibilities. The ethical responsibilities was one of Vermont Teddy Bear’s biggest strengths because the consistent quality and the strong relationships that was created between the company and the customers. The little things that the company provided such as the bears were American made and supplied with a 100% lifetime guarantee was the reasons that the customers always came back. Because of the previous

  • Evaluation: Ethical Perspectives on Social Responsibility

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    Evaluation: Ethical Perspectives on Social Responsibility This paper evaluates Cohen’s article on social responsibility and considers how his perspective and ideas align in comparison with other management experts including Drucker and Friedman. Some key components that are included in the evaluation are: • A definition of the concept of social responsibility. • What Cohen identifies as the social responsibility of a business to the workers, stakeholders, and society as a whole. • How Cohen’s

  • The Interinfluences of Ethical Issues in Global Marketing and Social Responsibility

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    Introduction According to Al-Emadi & Al-Asmakh (2006), global marketing ethical issues and social responsibility influence one another. They expound by indicating that when firms expand to international markets, diverse problems are experienced especially in regard to ethical and social aspects. Mishra & Suar (2010) define the wave of globalization which is enticing firms to take their businesses international. Although the process has been going on for a significant period but has now there is chance

  • Social Responsibility Of Volkswagen: Case: Volkswagen's Ethical Issues

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    Handling the Ethical Issues Corporate social responsibility and being ethically correct has been becoming a major place and focus for many corporations. They highlight their push to engage responsibly and participate in sustainable business practices to not only put value into their product, but to include the customers in it as well. Companies, unfortunately, do not always hold up to the corporate social responsibility. When a company is at fault of this, it is followed by swift attention by the

  • Ethical Considerations And Social Responsibilities Of Multi-National Companies

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    Evaluate the recent trends on the ethical considerations and social responsibilities of multi-national companies. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept whereby organizations consider the wellbeing of the public by taking responsibility for the effect of their actions on all stakeholders; customers, employees, shareholders, communities and the environment in every aspect of their operations. This responsibility is seen to extend beyond the statutory obligation to comply with legislation

  • walking your walk

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    behavior. This means that for something to be a part of your ethical beliefs, you must be willing to act accordingly if put the situation. If you are not willing to act on something that you say is your ethical and moral belief, is it really a part of your ethics. I do not think that a person can believe something and contradict the beliefs with the decisions that they choose to make. The decisions that people make decide for them, what their ethical and moral beliefs. Talk is cheap when it comes to ethics

  • A Critical Analysis Of "the Doctor Wont See You Now"

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    contrary. Gorman does identify an alarming trend of physicians looking through a cynical eye with an example of a survey by the American Medical Association, published November, 1991. " Thirty percent of doctors surveyed said they felt no ethical responsibilities to treat AIDS patients" (page 62). This seems to set the tone of disgust for such physicians. Gorman further condemns such physicians by reminding the reader "doctoring is a profession, a calling requiring commitment and integrity" (page

  • Ethical And Ethical Responsibility Essay

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    PROFESSIONAL AND ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITIES Culture is the act of, or any labor or means employed for, training, disciplining, or refining the moral and intellectual nature of man; as, the culture of the mind. Through culture development different disciplines have come up to try improve the human mind. Some of these disciplines include engineering design, accounting and commerce among many others. Lack of respect or knowledge in a certain culture is very critical and often results to either loss of

  • Ethical Leadership Responsibilities

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    Ethical Responsibilities Ethical leadership is a term that has become very commonplace today. It is a concept that many have come to see as important as leaders do have a very big role to play when it comes to driving teams in the right direction. Choices and decisions made by leaders/managers impact the team heavily. Leaders must have high ethical standards to be able to manage and work effectively. Ethical leadership is the core of a great organization; a leader bears the greatest responsibility

  • McDonald's: Ethical Responsibility

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    McDonald’s: Ethical Responsibility Small business owners of fortune 500 companies, democrats, republicans, men and women all have ethical responsibilities that should always be considered. Mc Donald’s is a well-known restaurant around the world. Some people enjoy this fast food restaurant and also have made Mc Donald’s one of the leading fast food companies. Although, Mc Donald may have some tasty food, there are still many critics that think Mc Donald’s may have a lot of ethical issues and company

  • Ethical Responsibility Essay

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    In order to understand ethical responsibility, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the word “ethics”. Ethics is the study of moral values, or individual and societal convictions that allow a person to distinguish right from wrong (Macrina, 2005). In a more objective sense, ethics can also be described as the analysis of reasoning—the “logic” behind decision-making. Ethical values are the framework of any civilized society, often resulting in common behavioral codes that are accepted across

  • The Ethical Responsibility Of Judges

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    at the meaning and understand the requirements of judicial ethics. As a human, we inherently posses the ability to behave unethically and judges are not immune to engaging in inappropriate behaviours. Being impartial is the most important ethical responsibility of a judge. Therefore, judicial integrity and independence are vital. Judicial independence could mean both the independence of the judiciary from the other branches of the government and the personal independence and integrity of the judges

  • Ethical Dilemmas, Responsibilities, And The Organization's Roles And Responsibilities

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    Introduction: This paper is intended to cover the ethical dilemma’s and responsibilities that a business will face and the moral, social and ethical standards that should be kept. The ethical standards that are acceptable by the organization must be written and verbally enforced. How the employee 's react is up to the moral and ethical standards that the individual employs. These standards however can be supported by the employers and fellow employee 's that uphold those standards. The paper will

  • Ethical Challenges in Corporate Responsibility

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    up with the world so that businesses remain ethical. With a capitalist society, I can see way people would want to maximize their profits and gain wealth. Though company might want to gain maximize profit, they still owe the community and the people who buy their product a corporate responsible. Corporate responsible is the way in which a company act ethically. Recently in the media there had been instances where companies weren’t acting in an ethical fashion. For example when Apple wants to build

  • Chipotle's Social Responsibility And Ethical Issues

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    Ethical responsibility should not be just for men and women (blue and white - collar citizens). It should be applied to big corporations as well and be held to a higher standard. Chipotle is a well – known restaurant in the United States and some international countries. Some people enjoy eating at fast food restaurants as a way to get away from the traditional stay at home meal. Chipotle is an upcoming company in an extremely competitive market that needs to remain ethical when facing backlash

  • Ethical Responsibility of Sales Managers

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    will discuss how a sales manager can address ethical issues in a socially responsible way. In order to accomplish this, current ethical issues related to sales management, both foreign and domestic, will be discussed regarding an organization based in the United States. Analogies and experiences will also be discussed as they relate to study findings. In addition, the relevance of these findings to the argument made regarding solving the problem of ethical issues will be revealed. Also, recommendations

  • The Ethical Theory Of Social Responsibility And Ethics

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    Social Responsibility and Ethics Social responsibility is an ethical theory, in which individuals are accountable for fulfilling their civic duty; the actions of an individual must benefit the whole of society. In this way, there must be a balance between economic growth and the welfare of society and the environment. If this equilibrium is maintained, then social responsibility is accomplished. What it Means to be Socially Responsible and Ethical? The theory of social responsibility is built on

  • The Importance Of Ethics: Ethical And Criminal Responsibility

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    Ethical and Criminal Responsibility Ethics is defined as values relating to human conduct with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to the goodness and badness of the motives and ends of such actions. It represents the core value system and the moral precepts held, or rules of conduct followed by individuals, institutions, or societies while making choices in the course of everyday problem solving. They create a framework for determining “right” versus “wrong”. (Journal