Ethical And Ethical Responsibility Essay

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PROFESSIONAL AND ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITIES Culture is the act of, or any labor or means employed for, training, disciplining, or refining the moral and intellectual nature of man; as, the culture of the mind. Through culture development different disciplines have come up to try improve the human mind. Some of these disciplines include engineering design, accounting and commerce among many others. Lack of respect or knowledge in a certain culture is very critical and often results to either loss of life of those involved or disagreements especially in the engineering aspect where communication is very key. Human culture is unavoidable way of obtaining behaviors. Cultural education is transmitted to others through teaching, also through prolonged…show more content…
It unites the universe and makes the art of communication, interaction and socializing very effective. Any design models for the future use should base the professional advancement on the above items for proper use in the future by different cultures. Another key thing that multiple researches have concluded is that homogenizing the cultures is so disturbing and should not be encouraged at any cost. This will greatly affect the roots and customs of many cultures hence the loss of sense in the society and in the world at large. The product designed by the engineer is not the important thing but the context of its use is the most important thing. Also because training across the world is similar does not mean their products should be the same. This because the design is influenced by the needs of the people and the education acquired should just be a guiding factor to the design. Different methods should be employed to sensitize cultural variations and the needs of people in the society. Different engineering designs should not comprise the cultural values and morals but should enhance the different cultures and promote
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