Ethical Dilemmas, Responsibilities, And The Organization's Roles And Responsibilities

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Introduction: This paper is intended to cover the ethical dilemma’s and responsibilities that a business will face and the moral, social and ethical standards that should be kept. The ethical standards that are acceptable by the organization must be written and verbally enforced. How the employee 's react is up to the moral and ethical standards that the individual employs. These standards however can be supported by the employers and fellow employee 's that uphold those standards. The paper will be outlined into three main segments: Introduction, Body and Summary. Within the Body of the paper there are three subsections: April 's Ethical Dilemma, Employee 's Roles and Responsibilities, and The Organization 's Role 's and Responsibilities.…show more content…
The organization can set the standards for how employee 's should behave using several methods and guidelines. The organization can utilize formal codes of conduct in document form and can reinforce with in class materials and informal talks to encourage the company 's ethical expectations that is to be adhered too. These will greatly help ensure that it operates both legally and ethically. These ethical decisions will come down to leadership and examples set by co-workers and especially superiors that are looked upon to set the example of the organization 's values. This trickle down effect will vastly effect employee 's in positive or negative ways. Therefore, leadership roles must have clear cut duties and understand the gravity of their responsibilities while also maintaining the standards desired. These leaders should be constantly teaching, intentionally or by example, with fellow employee 's by interaction and keeping track on the individuals underneath them. Many organization 's have mentor-ship programs or with leaders setting clear goals and guidelines for future conduct. By doing so they can positively reinforce in decisions and correct behavior that is not up to the organizational standards (Organizational Ethics,
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