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  • Marriages of Today and Elizabethan Times are Significant

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    Elizabethan Weddings and Marriages “Just as today a woman’s wedding was one of the most important days of her life” (William Shakespeare info). During the Elizabethan Era, most marriages were arranged, and some couples would be introduced to each other on their wedding day itself! (William Shakespeare info) Many of times marriages were done so that both families could “benefit” in some way, such as status or wealth ( Linda Alchin). Even though there are some differences from then to now, weddings

  • Education in Elizabethan England

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    The Elizabethan Era was a turning point in England's history. It marked an advanced new age of poetry and literature. Often referred to as the golden age in English history, the Renaissance brought new light to the citizens (“Elizabethan Era”). Thanks to Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603), England emerged as a leading naval and commercial power (Pressley J.M.). In addition to becoming a major world power, England became a leading nation in education. As people became more educated, England was pulled

  • Different Reactions of a Modern and Elizabethan Audience to Othello

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    In the Elizabethan era, many of the issues Shakespeare included in his plays were socially accepted by the audience. In contrast these issues are in large not accepted in today's modern society. The first decisive opposing reactions by a modern and Elizabethan audience to a Shakespeare play such as Othello, is the status of women in this period. Othello among other plays of its era, introduce the idea of women as possessions. "O heaven! How got she out?" Here Brabantio is talking about his

  • The Elizabethan Era: The Reign of Queen

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    What was the Elizabethan Era? In 1558 through 1603, Queen Elizabethan ruled a time period called the Elizabethan Era. This time period was also known as the golden age in England history. During this era, she ruled everything; she told them what they could and couldn’t do, how and when to do it, and what they could wear and eat. She took her job very seriously and did not joke around when it came to running England. The Elizabethan Era was the most interesting era because of Queen Elizabeth’s

  • The Elizabethan Age

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    would be like to live during the Elizabethan Era? To see the works of great playwrights such as William Shakespeare and Ben Jonson firsthand? The theater was one of the cornerstones of Elizabethan life, and many people knew the works of Shakespeare and Jonson. While Shakespeare was arguably the greatest of the time, many other playwrights, including Jonson, flourished during this time period. The Elizabethan age was a very important time in the history of England. The time period is named after the queen

  • Discrimination of Women During the Elizabethan Era: The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare

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    Throughout the Elizabethan era, men had more advantages than women. William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew has characters such as Petruchio, Baptista, Katherine, and Bianca that show how men overpowered women. During the Elizabethan era, there was heavy sexism. Women were discriminated. Through Shakespeare’s language, men could speak to and about women in a disrespectful and derogatory manner. Women were voiceless and deprived of their right to speak. Women were inferior to men. During

  • Much Ado About Nothing is a Comedy with Serious Incidents

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    which contributes to a tragic element in the play. The sixteenth century period and the influence of the Elizabethan era would have affected the way Shakespeare wrote his plays. The technological advance since the sixteenth century is considerable. We believe Shakespeare's theatre relied on theatrical effects as minima, and that play's relied entirely on the language. In Elizabethan society marriages were arranged, property and power were the main reason that influenced discussions for marriage

  • Feminism In Othello Essay

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    Shakespeare agreed with DiFranco’s ideals, even when residing during the Elizabethan era where society was male dominated. In his novel, Othello, he uses the courage of the women in his literature to depict how women should be treated, and to contrast from how little respect they once obtained. The society in Shakespeare’s Othello is strongly dominated by men who are the political and military leaders of their homeland during the Elizabethan era. These men are expected to stay loyal to their reputations and

  • Women and Children in the Elizabethan Era

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    During the Elizabethan time period women were considered the weaker sex. They were thought to always need a man in charge of them. The man in charge of her could be her father, employer or husband. Children were expected to obey their parents and help out whenever needed. I believe women were more equipped to be the head of the family since they had to care for the children and manage the house daily. An average day for a woman consisted of several responsibilities such as cleaning, cooking, marketing

  • How Portents, Omens and Dreams Add to the Dramatic Tension Before Julius Caesar's murder in Julius Caesar

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    predictions to give us a sense of approach of terrible events. Shakespeare lived the Elizabethan period; therefore like many Elizabethans he would have had the conception of the divine order of the universe being mystical. Similar to the characters in 'Julius Caesar' the Elizabethans would see storms as a warning to some sort of disaster or calamity to be visited upon men, pagan or Christian, by God. Also many Elizabethans were superstitious about things, which explains Shakespeare's use of predictions