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    has even motivated some to implement unspeakable and deplorable acts against their own kind. One individual in particular, a late Hungarian Countess by the name of Elizabeth Bathory, is a perfect example of lust for perfection and beauty taken too far. Born in 1560 into one of the wealthiest families in Transylvania, Elizabeth Bathory was an erudite woman proficient in multiple languages (Alchin). The location of her birth is positioned within the Carpathian Mountains and is a province of Romania

  • Countess Elizabeth Bathory: Serial Killer

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    With the complexity and brutality of her crimes, Elizabeth Bathory is known as the most sadistic and prolific serial killer in the world; even more so, she stands out because she is a female that is rare: especially in the Elizabethan Era. Bathory was believed to have been responsible for the murders of 600 virgin girls. She was certain that a drop of blood would make her look youthful again, but was convinced that bathing in the blood of girls who were virgins would take years off her. Because

  • Nobility from Hungary, Countess Elizabeth Bathory

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    Countess Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary, was born in 1560. That was a long time ago. Where you could do almost anything if you were a noble and you could get away with it. This was especially true in Elizabeth Bathory’s time. This was the reason she was able to kill over 600 virgin women to bathe in their blood. Only to make her complexion even better. She was later referred to as Count Dracula, because of her horrible treatment to her victims. She was an only child. Her parents were very powerful

  • Abandoning Morals and Ethics: Oryx and Crake, Elizabeth Bathory

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    “A maid accidentally pulled the countess’ hair while combing it; Countess Elizabeth Bathory instinctively slapped the girl on the ear, but so hard she drew blood. The servant girl’s blood spurted onto Elizabeth’s hands...the countess noticed that as the blood dried, her own skin seemed to take the whiteness and the youthful quality of the young girl’s skin.” (Rodrigues 15). Elizabeth Bathory is known by many different names; ‘The Bloody Lady of Čachtice’, ‘The Blood Countess’, ‘Countess Dracula’

  • Boycott Beauty Companies Now

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    effects on women from all over the world. From the British Broadcasting Corporation there is an article about Elizabeth Bathory, who was a countess from a noble family of the Kingdom of Hungary in the 1500s. Bathory was widely known for killing young female virgins and bathing in their blood in belief that the blood will restore her youthful skin ("Elizabeth Bathory – the…"). Elizabeth Bathory, like many other women, was obsessed with her physical features and went to an extreme length to achieve that

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    words that the woman named Elizabeth Bathory, has been named. Known for killing over three-hundred young peasant girls and inspiring many great stories, Elizabeth Bathory is one of the lesser known killers in history today, despite all the unbelievable acts she had committed. But why did Bathory kill so many girls? What was made Elizabeth so sadistic?Why was she caught after years of murder on her hands? Why had she only killed only females? Who was Elizabeth Bathory, actually? Is her family apart

  • Elizabeth Bathory: A Noble Nightmare

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    ELIZABETH BATHORY Countess Elizabeth Bathory is known as the most vicious female serial killer. Coming from a noble family in Kingdom, Hungary, no one really knows why she went out of her way torture hundreds of women. Either way throughout about a 20 year time span, Bathory spent her time not only ruling multiple castles, but taking in innocent women and children of the local men and women and making them her own. “Bathory and four collaborators were accused of torturing and killing hundreds of

  • Elizabeth Bathory: The Worst Female Serial Killer

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    Do you know who Elizabeth Bathory is? Elizabeth Bathory was born August 7, 1560, in Nyírbátor, Hungary. Elizabeth Bathory is known for being the cruelest female serial killer. According to Ann Beveridge author of the Daily Telegraph, the (Sydney), “A Woman More Creepy Than Vampire Legends”, explains how Elizabeth Bathory nicknamed was the Blood Countess. Because of her “vampire like obsession” she had to drink and bath in young virgin girls blood. Even though Elizabeth Bathory was from a noble and

  • Killing For Beauty Essay: Killing For Beauty?

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    consequences.” (Walter). The highly respected Bathory family sprung from the Hun Gutkeled Clan which held power throughout east central Europe. By the mid-16th century their power rose to its peak but died out ultimately by the year 1658. Many well-known kings, princes, members of judiciary, and holders of ministerial and civil posts were born into the legendary Bathory family. Among these infamous family members Erzsebet also known as Elizabeth Bathory was born in 1560. It is said that in order to

  • Vampires and Vlad Tepes

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    Throughout legends there has always been an old tale that vampires do exist. This myth began with a man known as Dracula, Vlad Tepes, who was brought to popularity by the author Bram Stoker. Another, Elizabeth Bathory, also assisted in the vampire myth. Vlad Tepes was a ruler or prince who became known as Dracula, son of the devil. He earned this name from his father and in part due to the cruel forms of punishments he endured on anyone who he felt had committed treason or broken any rule. He was

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    Album Reviews There is a time to be concise and a juncture to be descriptive. Technology allows downloads to be purchased track by track or the whole album if the user wishes. Music is a physical reaction and in turn whatever one experiences in their gut can be felt by a listener who the composer never meets. When you listen to new music with previously unheard titled tracks from your preferred artist you naturally want to hope for the best. Regrettably, even your favorite bands can sell out posing

  • What Are The Myths Of Dracula

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    Mythologies: The Stories We Imagine for Ourselves During a quiet night, a black shadow sneaks in the room under the door with a creepy cold wind. The shadow climbs up to the bed and sees if the child is falling asleep or not, otherwise, it will treat the child as a dessert. If anyone asks a child what is the scariest thing he has ever heard about, the child might say: “It is some stories my parents told me before I went to bed!” Perhaps everyone has this kind of experience. Yet, where do these stories

  • Compare And Contrast The Three Types Of Serial Killers

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    In the days before serial killers were acknowledged phenomena murderers were often thought to be mythological creatures, because it was easier to blame inhuman creatures than to accept that humans could be evil enough to commit such crimes. Elizabeth Bathory was one such murderer, and was thought to be a vampire, while Albert Fish held the dubious honor of being called the Werewolf of Wysteria, and even the Boogeyman. 7. Define, compare, and contrast the three types of multicide. Why is it important

  • Roger Chillingworth In Nathaniel Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter

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    Roger Chillingworth’s Development and Perception in The Scarlet Letter In The Scarlet Letter, Roger Chillingworth is not so much a character as he is a symbol. Unlike other characters such as Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale, Chillingworth is a flat character that mostly serves as the devil’s agent on earth. As the story progresses, the townspeople’s perception of Chillingworth drastically changes. They go from viewing him as a gift from God to seeing him as a hinderance to Arthur Dimmesdale

  • Foil Characters In Pride And Prejudice

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    The main protagonist of Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet is a cheeky, intelligent, good natured young lady that often lets her own opinions and feelings get the better of her and her judgment, which has majorly influenced her impressions of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham throughout the novel. Although Mr. Darcy can be quite condescending and Mr. Wickham can be charming and maybe even chivalrous at the beginning, they both turned out not quite what others may have first believed since, well you can

  • Lizzie Borden Motives

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    Lizzie Borden is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of slaughtering her father and stepmother in cold blood. She had very compelling motives for doing this. One of her motives was that she had a lot to gain, including upwards of $10 million in today’s money (“9 things you may not know about Lizzie Borden” p. 1), which would be like winning the lottery if she got the money by legitimate means. This would be very good for her because, even though her father had $10 million (in todays money), he didn’t

  • Essay On The Crucible Movie

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    Williams, she leads other local girls into the woods to perform a dance that Tituba taught them from her homelands of Barbados, to wish death upon John’s wife, Elizabeth. When the ritual is discovered by Reverend Paris, the girls are brought to trial. Accusations begin to fly, and a literal witch hunt gets underway. Before long, Elizabeth is

  • Death In Children's Literature Essay

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    Death in fairy tales occurs frequently (Corr, Nabe and Corr 335). In an interview, Maria Tatar, a scholar on fairy tales with books such as Off With Their Heads!: Fairy Tales and the Culture of Childhood, discusses why she, when reading to her children, avoided tales such as the ‘Little Match Girl’ by Hans Christen Andersen: ….But it is not really a story for young children, particularly since it ends with the image of the girl’s cold corpse, found on the sidewalks of the city on New Year’s Day.

  • Pride And Prejudice: Synonyms For Marriage

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    alliance of this sort. In this couple Austen offers up Mr. Collins as an example that men also feel great pressure to marry. In fact, Mr. Collins felt the pressure so strongly that he proposed to two women in the span of three days. His proposal to Elizabeth in chapter 19 is a hilarious speech that states laughable reasons for marriage, ``My reasons for marrying are, first, that I think it a right thing for every clergyman in easy circumstances to set the example of matrimony in his parish. Secondly

  • How Is Armitage Presented In The Crucible

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    you have to realize that Proctor is a Hero in the crucible. A tragic hero in fact, meaning that he ended up sacrificing his own life due to a situation that was caused by his mistake. Proctor went into an affair with Abigail who later on framed Elizabeth of witchcraft. Proctor intervened with the case and managed to save her life although he ended up replacing her in the predicament. In addition he sacrificed his life in order to keep his integrity and to protect his honor. Making him a classic tragic