How Is Armitage Presented In The Crucible

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Interviewer: Welcome Mr. Armitage and thank you for being here

Richard Armitage: Well i thank you sir for having me

Interviewer: So without losing further time i would like to go straight to the interview if that's fine for you as well

Richard Armitage: Sure we can start

(Start of Interview)

Interviewer: Many of the audience who watched the Crucible play were questioning what kind of a man proctor resembles. What can you tell us about him?

Richard Armitage: Well John Proctor is a strange character who distinguishes himself from the other actors in the play. He is a deeply religious figure who has made mistakes in his life such as having an affair with abigail which makes him a tormented individual as he lacks the capability to forgive …show more content…

Richard Armitage: Evil? No not at all. What makes you think that?

Interviewer: Well he is a man who commit adultery on his wife therefore seen as a bad person considering his christian habits.

Richard Armitage: That may be true but you have to realize that Proctor is a Hero in the crucible. A tragic hero in fact, meaning that he ended up sacrificing his own life due to a situation that was caused by his mistake. Proctor went into an affair with Abigail who later on framed Elizabeth of witchcraft. Proctor intervened with the case and managed to save her life although he ended up replacing her in the predicament. In addition he sacrificed his life in order to keep his integrity and to protect his honor. Making him a classic tragic hero.

Interviewer: Well now i see. I am apologetic for my misconception Richard Armitage: It's all good. Please continue with the Interview

Interviewer: Do you think that he truly loved his wife even though he committed …show more content…

Towards the end of the play as he was asked to sign a document confession to witchcraft. He showed willingness to admit to the crime verbally as a way to end the insanity within the village of salem, however he knew that if he signed the document his name will ruin not only him but his family for generations to come. Proctor was aware that signing the confession would justify the actions taken by the government during the ‘’witch hunt’’ therefore to put an end to the vicious cycle he refuses to sign the confession, and therefore protect his name, while being aware that he will hang because of his refusal. His sacrifice is one of truth and

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