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Album Reviews There is a time to be concise and a juncture to be descriptive. Technology allows downloads to be purchased track by track or the whole album if the user wishes. Music is a physical reaction and in turn whatever one experiences in their gut can be felt by a listener who the composer never meets. When you listen to new music with previously unheard titled tracks from your preferred artist you naturally want to hope for the best. Regrettably, even your favorite bands can sell out posing for cameras that will launch them onto a magazine cover instead of covering the content which previously propelled the ensemble to the top of the charts. Mainstream bands can be endearing souls without selling out if they never had the intention to put a price on their music to begin with. The songwriters who write for themselves then create an album to share their emotions with other music lovers are less likely to sell out because they know what constitutes art. The grounded pop punk band All Time Low [ATL] will unlikely be labeled sell outs because they are committed to their musical convictions. The ATL band members are sweet young gentleman who can play up their goofy side on their videos while remain genuine in person. Regardless of the device you use to listen to music you want to make sure you will repeatedly listen to the music you buy. Certain individuals prefer to walk into Amoeba and pick up a vinyl copy of a band they enjoy listening to while other opt to order online. If you add a re-mastered version of one of your favorite classic rock albums to your cart then you know what you are going to hear. On the flipside new artist often do not have their music in online stores to sample as easily as successful bands. Re... ... middle of paper ... ...appeal to the country music crowd they will also appreciate her efforts as a trained dancer. Bundy is a singer/songwriter who can appeal to ladies while keeping the gentlemen’s attention with songs written from the pages of her life. “Boyfriend” and “Rebound” have opposite themes of commitment though both are as funny as they are well crafted. You do not have to be a nicotine addict to appreciate the symbolism behind, “Cigarette” as Laura Bell would be out of breathe if she was chain smoking and would not be able to keep up with her own set of dancers. The song is addictive as the line, “Tried to put you out, tried to clear the air, but I'm breathin your breath as I die a slow death.” Laura Bell Bundy is a singer/songwriter who can dance around an uncomfortable subject one minute and call a cheating partner out on his pack of lies on the next song being shuffled.
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