Electoral System Essays

  • The Controversy Over the Electoral College System

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    The Controversy Over the Electoral College System A number of Americans fail to realize that when they vote they are not voting for the president and vice-president directly, but for electors who then cast their ballots in the Electoral College. Until the recent battle between Gov. George W. Bush and Vice-president Al Gore for the presidency, this new generation of American voters has never witnessed a controversial election. Historically, there have been problematic elections allowing voters

  • The SNTV Electoral System

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    Electoral systems are methods that calculate the number of election positions that parties or individuals are awarded with after an election. There are three types of electoral systems that are generally used around the world. They include plurality electoral systems, majority electoral systems, proportional representation. The party list system, a sub category of proportional representation has long been assessed and analyzed by a number of different groups to identify whether can be deemed successful

  • Electoral System Essay

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    it is arguable that some nations make such representation due to proportional electoral systems unrepresentative and lacking are the majority. There are plenty of electoral systems in use worldwide and each country seems to have adopted a particular system that works well for them, but can not by others. Many countries tend to use only a couple of high systems, however, the United Kingdom use several! The different systems British election are used for different purposes and this is a large number

  • Essay On Electoral System

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    Electoral systems exist to allow members of the society, express their preferences on candidates who are to represent them. This paper pays attention to the three electoral systems; the Proportional system, the fast past the post (FPTP) and the Instant runoff voting (IRV). I am going to focus on the differences between the PR, FPTP and IRV; attention will be laid also on how the electoral system shapes the relative structure and strength of the political parties. The Proportional Representation (PR)

  • Britain's Electoral System

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    The change of electoral system of Britain from first-past-the-post to form of proportional representation caused discussions and argues in the whole country. Does new system inspirit and change course to better or lead to weak and indecisive government? Whereas first-past-the-post developed stable majorities in parliament, there are always was a lack of suffer from grave shortcomings, for example majority of population remains unrepresented in government bodies, and a party, which wins less voices

  • Essay On The Electoral System

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    Different electoral systems determine the level of representation for varying interests in a country. Some countries have chosen to use proportional representation in their electoral system. This results in the emergence and recognition of multiple parties. In this kind of electoral system, multiple political parties can run for national election and have the ability to gain political power. On the other hand, other countries have adopted single member plurality representation. This kind of representation

  • Canada's Electoral System

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    It has become widely accepted that Canada uses a first past the post electoral system. However, this system may not be in the best interest of Canada any more. There are many reasons why Canada should change its electoral system to a mixed member proportional one, a variant of proportional representation. With a first past the post system, the elected officials will always be of the majority and this excludes minorities from fair representation. Adopting MMP can create stronger voter turnouts, more

  • Canada's Electoral System

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    directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system (Democracy, n.d.). Canadians generally pride themselves in being able to call this democratic nation home, however is our electoral system reflective of this belief? Canada is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy that has been adopted from the British system. Few amendments have been made since its creation, which has left our modern nation with an archaic system that fails to represent the opinions of citizens

  • The British Electoral System

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    British Electoral System In democratic states, electoral systems are of great importance. Elections give people the right to choose their government; ensure that governments represent the majority (or largest minority) of the people; ensure peaceful changes of government (stability); allow people with fresh ideas an opportunity to enter the political arena; confer legitimacy of government and allow the government to expect people to obey their rules. Unfortunately the British system, Simple

  • Electoral System And Party Behaviour

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    Certainly electoral systems impact on party systems and party behaviour. The main ways in which electoral systems impact on party systems and on party behaviour is by having a significant impact on the degree of multipartism in a country. Electoral systems also impact on party systems and party behaviour as electoral systems have led to a catch-all thesis emerging in party systems and to a change in party alignments. The manner in which electoral systems affect party systems and party behaviour in

  • Municipal Electoral System In Canada

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    Electoral systems are important because they affect all areas of municipal government by establishing the rules for electing representatives and the role of the executive. The system can also affect the representation of different groups, whether that be ideological, geographical, or demographics, as well as the outcome of the election. There are five cross-cutting concepts that define the debate over the structure of municipal electoral systems which include, local democracy, representation, engagement

  • Reforming the Canadian Electoral System

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    Although Canadian electoral system has always undergone periodic reforms, new challenges always accompany electoral changes and therefore the system should be consistently reformed to meet new circumstances.The current electoral system in Canada is a product of a series of electoral changes that have always taken place since the foundation of the Canadian confederation in the mid 1880s. During the early years, the rights of individuals to vote were significantly limited as only white males had the

  • Summary: The Canadian Electoral System

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    There are a number of electoral systems in Canada that might be used in the future to determine how votes are cast and how the results are translated into seats in the House of Commons. But there is no flawless electoral system that can ascertain universal agreement among political actors, experts and the public at large. The major reason why this is true is because the design of an electoral system is principally a political problem that involves value-laden decisions and not a technical problem

  • The Potential of a Majoritarian Electoral System Instead of a Proportional Electoral System in South Africa

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    democracy has been strongly driven by electoral systems. These systems provide routes for governments to represent the wills of their people. It provides the platform of legitimacy to the government and in most cases ensures freedom and order within a country. This essay will discuss the major differences between a majoritarian electoral system and proportional electoral system. In addition, it will demonstrate that the use of a majoritarian electoral system in a country would result in a more accountable

  • Essay On Mmp Electoral System

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    Canada is overdue for an electoral reform. Canada’s current first-past-the-post electoral system is an outdated and unfair electoral system; a Mixed Member Parliament electoral system can solve many of the issues that come about FPTP. The MMP electoral system is a proportional system where the proportion of votes a party wins, is the proportion of seats they get in Parliament. Each voter gets two votes: the first vote goes to the voter’s choice of local representation, the second vote goes to their

  • The Electoral Systems of Britain and Sweden

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    The Electoral Systems of Britain and Sweden The quality of a democracy is regulated by the electoral system that awards seats in democratic assemblies to those seeking office. This paper will compare the electoral systems of the parliaments of the United Kingdom (herein called Britain) and Sweden in order to determine which country has the preferred electoral system. The quality to be measured is the fairness of democratic representation, which is to say, how properly the various public interests

  • Changing the Electoral System in Canada

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    Changing the Electoral System Canada’s friendly neighbor to the South, the US, has an electoral system that is composed of 3 separate elections, one of them deciding the head of state. The president elected by the people and he or she is the determining person of the country’s political system. In the US runs like a majority system” In Canada, however, elections are held slightly differently. Citizens vote for a Member of Parliament in a 308-seat house and candidates win not by a majority, unlike

  • Changes In Canada's Electoral System

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    Canada’s Electoral System Surya Dev Singh 300252167 Dr. Jeanette Ashe Poli 1101 Canada is known to be a very decent country when it comes to politics. Canada’s electoral system consists of several different aspects. As it is important for the democratic government to reflects its political rules, if government ignores and disguised the rights of a voter then it will go against democracy. Canada’s voting system is very similar and is adopted by the United

  • The Voting System In Australia's Electoral System Of Democracy

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    democracy is about rule and people. Democracy is a system of governance which allows every citizen to get an equal chance to speak and join in political society. This essay will begin by examining three different voting systems and how Australia’s electoral system can be improved to make it more democratic. I recommend that our electoral system should be changed to a proportional system because this system does not produce wasted votes as much as other systems. Wasted votes are votes which went for an elected

  • Disadvantages Of The FTPP Electoral System

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    Canada is overdue for electoral reform. Canada’s current first-past-the-post (FPTP) electoral system has many flaws. Firstly, it over-rewards the winning party leaving many Canadians without any direct representation in Parliament. Secondly, the FTPT electoral system is highly susceptible to regional distortions and often over-rewards regionally concentrated parties. Thirdly, it promotes strategic voting, as it favors a two party system and does not allow for the possibility of a small party to win