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  • Elder abuse

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    Elders in the United States should not have to go through situations of abuse like the one Mildred Mortenson suffered. However, this type of situations happen more often than they should and sadly, there is not enough being done to prevent it. Elder abuse should be recognized as an increasing and very serious problem in our society. As elders grow more physically frail and begin to depend on others to meet their basic needs, they tend to become vulnerable to intentional abuse and neglect within

  • Elder Abuse

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    Elder Abuse Population ageing is currently one of the most significant demographic trends and becoming a worldwide problem(cite) specially among the elderly who are often the most recognized and forgotten group in this analysis. They are recognized as the ’elder’ the wisest, and perhaps the most knowledgeable about life and its experiences. This population however, is forgotten in terms of the respect and value it once contributed to society. And in today’s world this group is often marginalized

  • Elder Abuse

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    ELDERLY ABUSE Elders’ mistreatment has become a major issue to the US health care system few decades ago after the passage of Medicaid & Medicare Legislation Act under SSA Title XX that amplified the existence of human abuse (Wangmo, 2010). This research paper is to analyze the challenges of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation by the perpetrators. In the US alone, there are 700,000-1.2 million/annually elders abused but only 450,000/year new cases gets reported. The main goal is to

  • Susanna and the Elders

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    States") In order to fully understand Susanna and the Elders, we must fully understand the story that William Holbrook Beard was attempting to tell with his painting. Every painting or piece of art tells a story, tale or provides some type of inspiration or lesson in life that the trained observer of the art must decipher. The story of Susanna and the Elders is based on the Book of Daniel (13:1-64) The story is about two elders who should have been watching out for Susanna that were represented

  • Elder abuse

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    Elder Abuse Elder abuse has been present in our society in the past times; however, it has been the hidden problem and under recognized by our community. It is really challenging for people to understand the severity of this problem unless one encountered it in one’s life. Society began to really acknowledge this issue because of the cases that have been reported. There are varieties of categories of elder abuse that are reportable to a healthcare provider; however, many cases are still left unreported

  • Elder Abuse

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    Once I started writing, I realized that elder abuse is very hard to write about and even harder to talk about. In fact I believe this is probably one of the reasons why this topic is so seldom up for discussion. When I was researching this paper I tried to talk to or email professionals in the field, and all of them through words, silence, or redirecting me to someone else, conveyed an unwillingness to talk about it. If elder abuse is the elephant in the room it, is a big one. The American Psychological

  • Elder Abuse

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    Elder abuse is a complicated and comprehensive subject to address. In 1987, congress defined “elder abuse” as the “Domestic and institutional abuse of persons over age 60 involving physical, sexual, and emotional/psychological harm, as well as neglect, self-neglect, abandonment, and financial exploitation” (as cited by Lindberg, Sabatino & Blancato, 2011, p. 106). Elder abuse first took societal notice on a national scale in the 1960s. Since then, there have been multiple acts of legislation that

  • Elder Abuse

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    Elder abuse suffered at the hands of family members is quickly becoming a major societal problem that requires immediate attention. The American Psychological Association estimates that nearly two million older adults suffer some type of abuse, typically at the hands of family (Fleck & Schmidt, p. 2). However, this number is most likely a gross underestimate as many elderly victims choose not to come forward and report the crime fearing the impact it will have on the family relationship. More

  • Elder Abuse

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    Elder Abuse is defined as any activity performed by an individual whereby these actions cause suffering of the older adult, intentionally or not (Touhy, Jett, Boscart & McCleary, 2012, p. 378). Unfortunately, the incidents of elder abuse continue to rise with the increasing number of people entering older adulthood. It is interesting to note that although elder abuse is highly under reported, the occurrence rose three fold over a ten year period (Friese & Collopy, 2010, p. 61). Certainly, it is a


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    Spiritual elders have been biblically mentioned on various occasions. In the Old Testament spiritual elders were outstanding tribe leaders, rulers or advisors in their community and heads of households. After reviewing Kook's readings, I believe Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook appears to have been an optimistic spiritual elder with an extreme eagerness to help people realize their blessings. Kook was also the first Ashkenazi chief rabbi of the British Mandatory Palestine and one of the most celebrated rabbis