Personal Narrative Adult's Negative View of Teenagers

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Personal Narrative Adult's Negative View of Teenagers There is a significant difference of opinion about teenagers today that comes from teenagers themselves and the adult population. A good majority of the young people today view themselves as relatively responsible people. A lot of them are inquisitive and are eager to learn new things. Many are committed to a drug-free lifestyle, and there are a lot of students who achieve very high grades. Most adults' view on teen behavior is very different. Of course, there is a percentage of youth that is very immature, lazy, unorganized, disrespectful, and careless, etc. (The list could go on and on.); but, unfortunately, it is the bad qualities that stay in the minds of many adults and elders. There are few teenagers today who will openly admit to their bad habits or behaviors. Maybe they can’t keep a clean room, or maybe they have a very difficult time remembering to do their homework every night. It may even be possible for them to spel things inkirectly. I am a strong believer in the fact that doing your best is all that matters, yet teens must also be aware of the fact that “good enough” isn’t. Everyone makes mistakes, but you’re judged many times on how few mistakes you actually make. I’m sure that nobody would go to a job interview ready to tell the boss of the company: “Well, let’s face it. I’m not very productive, and I rather be watching The Simpsons right now.” Who really is willing to tell someone about his or her personal flaws? In reality, it takes someone to offer a “wake up call” sometimes to make us aware of when we’re not doing something correctly. Today’s teens need to be criticized, but they also need to be encouraged when they are doing something right as well. They need to be told when they could be a little more responsible, and they could use some advice occasionally on how to manage their time. Equally as important, I think a teenager needs to be told when they solve a problem correctly or produce an excellent piece of work. Encouragement will only bring about repetition; and, maybe after being told that they’ve done something right, today’s teens will be able to much more easily say: “I’m responsible.” It is disappointing to come across such an abyss between the viewpoints of elders and teenagers on teen habits.

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