Educational Technology Essays

  • Educational Technology Autobiography

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    Educational Technology Autobiography My experience with educational technology from K-12 to post-secondary education: The very first form of educational technology that I encountered was the use of the overhead in the first grade. In the third grade I was moved to a gifted and talented Math class; therefore, allowing my fellow classmates and myself access to a computer lab that contained seven apple computers. Every Friday we were allotted fifteen to twenty minutes on these computers to play

  • The Problem Of Technology: Technology And The Educational Problem

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    Technology and Educational Problem Technology is one of the greatest things ever made in our society bringing us things like phones online tutors and even more. Some students tend to use technology to help them with the problems they do not really understand in the subject that they really struggle in like math or science. There is also a bad side to technology because many student use their phones more than they car about there process of learning. This can be a big problem to the

  • Learning Theories and Implications for Educational Technology

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    Theories and Implications for Educational Technology Abstract The theories of Vygotsky, Gardner, and Gagne present vary different models of learning. Vygotsky and Gardner see culture as an important factor in how a child learns, and see growth and development and individual thing. Gagne, however, focuses on a formal model of instruction, with the method used depending upon the content being taught. All three theories have a role to play in educational technology. Learning Theories and Implications

  • Current Trends in Educational Technology

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    Current Trends in Educational Technology Abstract Current trends in Educational Technology offer quite an array of subject matter to study. I have selected a few articles demonstrating trends I found most interesting. These include trends in research, holistic technology education, pedagogic balance in technology education and using open source software in the school. Hopefully these trends will be an eye opener for the reader. This paper is based on these journal articles: Research in

  • Educational Technology Theories and Theorists

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    Introduction Technology is becoming more and more predominant in society. The concept of technology is a reality that has pervaded not only our everyday lives but our mere state of existence. Technology has affected every aspect of society. There is no doubt that technology holds great potential for improving the way that people learn and ready or not, technology is affecting education. Educational Technology Ever since the integration of educational technology there has been a dramatic shift

  • A Crisis: Funding for Educational Technology in the United States

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    A Crisis: Funding for Educational Technology in the United States The United States is a country that thrives through technological advancement. The wealth and success of this nation is dependent on providing every child, regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender, with the opportunity to obtain technological skills that are essential for a successful future. Unfortunately, educational funding for technology has failed to take precedent. In realizing that, the question then becomes, how is a country

  • Advancing Educational Technology: A Revolution in Learning

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    Technology for Teachers and Students Educational technology continues to advance making learning a different experience for students. “Educational technology includes all real, analog, and digital technologies and media that can be used to support teaching and learning (Lever-Duffy, McDonald, & Mizell, 2003, p. 2)”. When the writer was attending grade school in the 90’s educational technology was nothing compared to how it is now. The technology then was minimal; it was not until the writer got

  • Application Essay for Master's of Education in the Field of Educational Technology

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    the opportunity to use technology in the classroom and to experience many different grade levels. I spent many hours working on the school's computers in order to make sure they were maintained in order to be useful to classroom teachers. During my time in Savoonga I was given many opportunities to attend the Alaska Society for Technology in Education. These conferences along with my time as a technology liaison have given me a deep understanding of the power of using technology in education. I had

  • Benefits Of Hybrid Learning Environment

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    comprehend new technologies by using adaptive learning technologies. Teachers are better able to help their students reach their maximum potential. When students do meet in a classroom, their time is often of a higher quality than those in a traditional program, but students still receive the classroom time they wouldn 't in a regular online program. Students still receive regular face-to-face time with professors they might not in a traditional

  • Distance Education Essay

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    definition of distance education by specifying five main elements that he says are involved. First, he stated that the teacher and learner are separated at all times. Second, he specified that an educational institution assists in the creation of materials for the learning and supports the students. Third, technology is used to connect the teacher and learners and facilitate the learning process. Fourth, there exists a two-way communication between a student and learner. Fifth, distance learning involves

  • Importance Of E-Learning

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    In societies today, e-Learning and modern electronic educational technology are very important. A lot of significant developments has occurred in e-Learning over the past ten (10) years especially in regards to technology and how it has influenced our daily lives with the use of mobile technology like Smartphones, tablets, and similar devices which have flooded the market and therefore opened up new possibilities for how we learn on the go. There is also wealth of resources and techniques that helps

  • The Relationship Between the Students’ Perception of Social Presence Online and Their Achievement

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    Introduction The period of examination on whether online learning is the way to go or not has expired. Regardless of what previous studies on online learning have found, online learning is here. The demand for it led educational organizations to adopt it. The revolution of technology facilitated implementing it. Its convenience, flexibility, and other advantages made it a favorable learning form. The existence of this learning should lead researchers to explore the factors that help in improving

  • Introduction - Online Learning

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    study in this research. 1.1 Background of Study New advances in the internet based technology have brought challenges and opportunities as well to education and training, in particular through online instruction. Online learning can be define both as a kind of learning which occurs through the Internet, a network or only a computer and as audible, visual and interactive synchronous or asynchronous educational activities (Dziuban, Hartman, & Moskal, 2004). The most significant characteristics of

  • Web-based Communication

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    emerging into the 21st century technology has and will be reaching great heights. The education field is one of the most considerably effected domains in the advancement of the technology “revolution”. According to Stoner (1997), technology in the future is looking towards increased online/distance learning, virtual field trips, and audio files of music. As the technological world evolves so should the local community. Many of the latest educational technology will require two-way communication

  • Distance Education

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    Education] gained momentum in the early 1980s using a combination of satellite delivered video and two-way audio. Many sites could watch the broadcasts, and phone or fax in questions and assignments. Now, spurred by the Internet and videoconferencing technology, distance learning is taking off…(Weinstein, 1997, p.1). He said that "initially, distance learning was envisioned as a way to serve students who lacked access to a complete education, whether due to insufficient resources, geographic isolation

  • The Education of the Present and the Future

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    and society, technology is becoming a huge part of everything we do, from online clubs and societies, to entertainment, social networking, and even online education. Some say we rely too much on technology, and some believe that this is where we need to be going; imagine a totally virtual world. Where everything including school can be don from the comfort of your own home. E-learning is not just the school of tomorrow; it is the school of now. Anne McGrath has written that “technology can lift classroom

  • Essay On Content Creation

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    e-learning means. Wikipedia defines eLearning as “E-learning (or eLearning) is the use of electronic media and information and communication technologies (ICT) in education. E-learning is broadly inclusive of all forms of educational technology in learning and teaching. E-learning is inclusive of, and is broadly synonymous with multimedia learning, technology-enhanced learning (TEL),computer-based instruction (CBI), computer managed instruction, computer-based training (CBT), computer-assisted instruction

  • Technology in education

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    The effects of internet and technology on education have created important modification within the manner how university deliver education. It’s become a really essential a part of our education. We are able to additionally get any information associated with subject also as learning new words and meanings. Nowadays our education is incomplete without internet and information technology.Technology plays an important role in all levels of education nowadays. Technology makes education interesting

  • Hybrid Learning Environment Essay

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    some so well, as it combines traditional and online educational learning models. A hybrid study program works well in the modern world of today 's technology. Younger students are already familiar with digital technology, so they feel at home in a virtual classroom. Still, some face-to-face contact with

  • ICT In Education

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    ICT in Schools Information and communications technologies are now commonplace in our daily lives. ICT has had a major impact on the way we do almost all activities within business and our day to day living. ICT in education tends to lend itself to more student centred learning and places a larger onus on students to take more responsibility for their learning. ICT has seen its role increase in education over the last number of years and is set to increase as more and more resources and applications