ICT In Education

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ICT in Schools

Information and communications technologies are now commonplace in our daily lives. ICT has had a major impact on the way we do almost all activities within business and our day to day living. ICT in education tends to lend itself to more student centred learning and places a larger onus on students to take more responsibility for their learning. ICT has seen its role increase in education over the last number of years and is set to increase as more and more resources and applications are developed and tailored specifically to teaching and learning.
Within a very short space of time ICT’s have become one of the basic building blocks of society argues Daniels (2002). Many countries now see the understanding of basic ICT skills and abilities to be as important as other core skills such as numeracy and literacy. ICT refers to much more than would first be assumed and many areas have relevance to education rather than simply the use of a computer. Education has been affected by the growth in ICT and for the better in many cases; much research has been conducted on the benefits of ICT to learning. ICT’s provide added innovation, acceleration, enrichment, motivation and engagement to students learning and help to relate school experience to work practices states Yusuf (2005).
The use of information communication technology and information technology in education can be divided into two categories, for education and in education. For education refers to the design and creation of information communication technologies for teaching and learning usages. In education however involves the embracing of general areas of ICT in the teaching learning process. ICT enhances the teaching and learning process, traditionally teachers...

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...nable new avenues of learning for students and gives students more responsibility in their own learning and allows them the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice. These possibilities can have a positive effect on student performance and achievement. Enhanced teaching will be achieved along with better student performance.
This is all relevant to the adoption of ICT in schools and sources such as PDST have very good templates and ideas as to how to effectively do this. It is dependent on sufficient resources, teacher training and content but ICT has a major impact in education today and this will only grow. As a new teacher trying to implement it in class it has been fluid in basic stages but with more training and practice ICT will become essential in this researchers class. Trial and error will eventually lead to a fluid and effective model of using ICT.
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