Educational Journey Essays

  • The Educational Journey

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    The Educational Journey Education is a journey through the universe. The universe is enormous and seems to have no end. If a person wants to be truly educated, he or she must spend years in school studying both important and trivial information. The material in the solar system represents the years a student spends in school. The remaining space in the universe is the endless learning one does outside of the classroom. The sun may not be in the center of the universe; however, the sun is the

  • My Personal Learning Theory In My Educational Journey

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    Throughout my education journey, I have had the opportunity to learn theories that have helped others including me in the past. Jean Piaget’s theory is a great example. Piaget’s theories have helped a lot of students overcome difficulty in learning. While I consider his theory to my knowledge, I have been given the opportunity to come up with my own personal learning theory that has been a big help to my learning experience. I am very encouraged because I have had educators in the past who have

  • Parallel Paths: My Educational Journey and Great Thinkers

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    If the story of my education were to be added on to the stories of all of the great leaders included in How Lincoln Learned to Read, it would be strikingly similar to the stories of the great thinkers themselves. Like Abraham Lincoln, I loved to read and like Sojourner Truth, I learned my behaviors by watching my family. The story of my education parallels with these and many others of those included in the novel. Themes such as self-education through reading, household observation, and passions

  • Students With Auditory Challenges and Mainstream Schools

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    schools than being segregated in special schools because though they have special needs, they learn to communicate better with hearing individuals and can still attend special programs where teachers with special training can help them in their educational journey. Heather Whitestone, a deaf ballet dancer from Alabama, became the first Miss America with a disability, and Marlee Matlin fulfilled her dream of becoming a famous actress, despite her hearing disability. While many may look at these women

  • My Educational Journey

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    a single parent home with two kids was going to be a difficult road to travel. As I began school I gradually developed my love of learning and used this passion to escape the difficulties of life outside the classroom. Though my earliest educational journey had resulted in me attending 6 different school, as I looked to obtain my High School Diploma, I continued working on my goal of going to college. By my senior year, I was still undecided as to which school I would like to attend for my collegiate

  • My Educational Journey

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    I did this assignment as a way for me to see my family career and educational path and think about how it has or will influence my career and my educational journey. To discover myself and visualize my family career choices was helpful in understanding myself even more. I strongly believe that families shapes our perspectives of how we see the world around us through ethics and values. By doing this assignment, I recognized just how one’s family can be influential on their professional life and interest

  • My Educational Journey

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    Throughout my educational journey through secondary school and college, different personal learning experiences have shaped and developed who I am as a student by gaining many important academic skills that I believe will be invaluable at university and beyond in my future career. At secondary school, my favourite subject was English Language and 10% of my GCSE grade came from my Speaking and Listening presentation. One academic skill that I developed was researching. I researched many different

  • My Educational Journey

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    through many opportunities around us. The classroom is a common place to learn new things; however a lot of information and skills are acquired outside of it because there are some things that are gained only through experience. Through my educational journey through high school I have come across opportunities that are present outside the walls of the classroom. I was lucky enough to grab hold of one of these opportunities in which I shadowed different doctors in hospitals and clinics around my

  • Philosophy on education

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    The philosophy that I feel the strongest connection to is Progressivism. In my educational journey the teachers that have made the most significant impact have been progressive. From K-12, I had two teachers who used the progressivism method and the lessons that I learned from them are still with me today. The progressive teachers express more individuality and creativity than others. Progressive educators relate material to real-life experiences that the learner can relate to. They generally conduct

  • The Journey of Education

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    The Journey of Education My educational journey has been marked by many incredible teachers and (equally incredible) experiences. I am very fortunate to have been a student to some of the greatest, however sadly unknown teachers. My educational journey has been accompanied by teachers from all ends of the educational spectrum. I have had serious, inspirational and unorthodox teachers and teaching styles. It is my intention to illustrate my educational journey to the reader. My early experiences

  • My Educational Journey Essay

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    Like Nelson Mandela said “ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Similar to our lives, our educational journeys are different from one another. My educational journey was a very complicated journey. My family and mentors supported me, so was able to overcome those obstacles. The biggest motivation that got me through this journey was my father’s courage and love for education. My father was a huge advocate for education. He always motivated us and encouraged

  • Essay On My Educational Journey

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    My educational journey started with a last minute decision that would lead me to places that I could never imagine. I chose a Technical High School over one of my states highest ranked High Schools. I felt a technical career over going on to college was the best fit for me. What I would discover is my plan would take me on a wild ride and send me down many wrong paths. During the summer of 2010, I had to make my decision on were I wanted to go to high school. I had two choices, Littleton

  • My Education Journey Essay: An Educational Journey

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    An Educational Journey “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family” (Strong n.p.). Anywhere a person goes, there are people demanding that people have a certain level of education. This makes wanting to get into a certain profession hard to do. By going to schooling you can get yourself and education, but by no means necessary do you get an education by going to school. But the question lies in how you go about achieving

  • Importance Of My Educational Journey

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    The past couple of years have been a journey to say the least. I have made many mistakes over time and I’ve learned mostly from trial and error. Knowing that my goal was to graduate from a four year university proved to be insufficient. Looking back, it was merely a starting point. It took me some time to understand that having a goal and achieving a goal were very different. Understanding what distinguished them was crucial to making changes in my life. I initiated this change by adopting a new

  • Importance Of My Educational Journey

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    My educational journey began in my country before moving to WA State (Redmond). I grew up in a large family with my parents and siblings. My father always encouraged me to do well in school and fulfill his dreams of being his future Human Rights Lawyer and he still does. During my learning experience as a kid, I was always prepared for school even though my mommy could not correct me because she didn’t complete her high school but luckily my father was able to help me out with my school works. I

  • What Is My Educational Journey Essay

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    We will be discussing my educational journey that talks about my endeavors as me being a student, and I’ll be writing my positive road of how my experience was with middle school, elementary school and finally high school, also I will be talking more about how I got inspired to be a great student and set a good example to my colleagues, after that I’ll be talking more about my current English level in college, and how I was picked into that class, and what are the reasons that made me join the college

  • Reflection About My Educational Journey

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    the educational journey that I have encountered, I can certainly define it to be a learning roller coaster. I have had the opportunity to not only grow up in two different countries, but also educate myself these two different settings. Reaching up to the 4th grade in the Dominican Republic, and then establishing what happens to be the rest of my education in the United States, has made me explore all aspects of what now becomes my educational autobiography. To begin my educational journey, from

  • Journey to a New Land

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    A Journey to a New Land My parents immigrated to Canada in 1990 to escape the tyranny of the Chinese government and to build a better life in Canada. After listening to their stories of hardships and frustrations, I realized how fortunate I was to be living in the country I now called home. When the day came to revisit my homeland, I felt uncertain and nervous. Would I fit in? Would I like it there? These were some of the concerns that were racing through my mind. But as the trip progressed, I

  • Daffyd's Journey

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    Daffyd's Journey His feet weren't going where he told them too!!! It was cold, so cold, and even though he knew where he was going, an advantage over most, he couldn't shake off the morbid feeling of doom, no matter how hard he tried. Guns were sounding in the distance, and although he was well away from the fighting, he was panicking. Amidst the feelings of doom and panic, he was confused. It wasn't even this bad on the front line!! Why was he feelign this way? Was his gut telling him the

  • Everyman's Journey

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    Everyman's Journey Everyman, a short play of around 900 lines, portrays the best surviving example of the Medieval Drama known as the morality play, which evolved side by side with the mystery plays, although written individually and not in cycles like the mystery play or ritual play. The morality play was a form of drama that was developed in the late 14th century and flourished through the 16th century in British Literature. The characterizations used in the works were typically based on the