Importance Of My Educational Journey

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My educational journey began in my country before moving to WA State (Redmond). I grew up in a large family with my parents and siblings. My father always encouraged me to do well in school and fulfill his dreams of being his future Human Rights Lawyer and he still does. During my learning experience as a kid, I was always prepared for school even though my mommy could not correct me because she didn’t complete her high school but luckily my father was able to help me out with my school works. I became motivated to even work harder. With my effort and hard work, I was able to enroll in an international school for my 7th grade. I never looked back. I kept my standards high which lead me to represent my school at the National High School Model…show more content…
Before the model UN trips, I didn’t have confidence in myself. Students from my school saw me as an illiterate as I was very shy and I was always afraid to speak up or participate in class activities. I used to think the same way they did and started saying I was never going to make it. Today, I am comfortable speaking at conferences because I have confidence in myself. After the conference, I knew I wanted to make a big difference not just for my country but the world. I started concentrating on my high school classes like History, Sociology and English to prepare me for a better future. After attending the Model UN Conferences, I participated in other local conferences in my country and applied the little skills I got from the model UN trip. Even though I have many years ahead of me before I can fulfill my dreams, I still believe that Model UN has been the first step of my career achievements in becoming a Human Rights Activist and a Diplomat. If it wasn’t for Model UN I wouldn’t have been involved in trying to find a solution in the world’s problem as I am now. I am currently working on my position paper and my draft resolution for the upcoming NORTHWEST MODEL UNITED NATIONS CONFERNCE 2015 that would be held in Seattle this November. I am looking forward that great opportunity to represent my school Bellevue College and I hope to gain something new from

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