Dumbing Down Essays

  • The Dumbing Down of American Fiction

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    The Dumbing Down of American Fiction The 1976 film "Network" is an acerbic satire of television's single-minded obsession with mass ratings.One of the film's main characters, Howard Beale, is called the "Mad Prophet of the Airways," and his weekly harangues produce a "ratings motherlode"--yet he constantly admonishes his viewers to "Turn the damn tube off!"During one such rant Beale berates his audience as functional illiterates: "Less than three percent of you even read books!" he shouts messianically--and

  • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

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    sure until the very end if some of the characters are friend or foe. Many inventions of the fifties have advanced mirrors in the book. One might think that the author was trying to express how those inventions would ultimately resulting in the dumbing down of society. The television was coming about in the fifties and the four screen TV's in the book hampered the thought process so people would not think. While the book is definitely critiquing society and the government, readers are given many

  • Of Social Media In George Saunders ': The Braindead Megaphones'

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    The pleasure from social media can be instantaneously stimulating and enjoyable. Have you ever wondered what the best social media is? The results may blow your mind! In George Saunders’ essay “The Braindead Megaphone,” he argues that the dumbing down of media is a problem in our society. Megaphone Guy is person in a party with a megaphone who lacks intelligence and experience (2). Megaphone Guy is just blurting ideas to entertain the other guests and jumping from topic to topic without much consideration

  • Internet Shorthand

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    pictures and codes. Maybe part of my opinion is based on spite: If I had to learn all the dos and don’ts of modern English, so should you. But I think it’s more then just that. I can see the writing on the wall and it’s not looking too bright. Dumbing down the language to simplest terms can be a very dangerous thing. Don’t believe me, flip through a copy of Orwell’s 1984 and you’ll see how Big Brother has developed a “plainspeak” directive. In fact, I’m not alone in this belief. In Sven Birket’s

  • Treatment of Women in The Big Sleep, the Movie

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    films that reading the book before watching the movie ruins the experience or that movies are never as good as the book on which it is based. The difference between forms is not as much about already knowing how the story ends as it is about the dumbing down of the work for a broader audience. However, Chandler wrote The Big Sleep as a piece of pulp fiction that was read by a large populace. So, with this knowledge, I expected my experience with the 1946 film version of The Big Sleep to be less

  • The Great Imagination Heist Essay

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    The media has come to dominate the lives of many of today’s youths. In The Great Imagination Heist, Reynolds Price expresses extreme dismay at the media’s ever-tightening grasp over the impressionable minds of adolescents. He sincerely feels that the effects of prolonged exposure to television, film, video games, and the Internet are detrimental to the development of a youth’s imagination and ability to think freely, without outside influence. The word “heist” indicates the intention to rob or steal

  • The Dumbing Down Of Lennie Smalls

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    The Dumbing Down of Lennie Smalls Tayven Nguyen P.2 What if you were traveling in hot and rural California in the 1930’s from job to job for money to buy land for a farm. You have no family and are just on the road trying to work. This is what George and Lennie did in Of Mice and Men wrote by John Steinback. But there’s one trick to George and Lennie, Lennie is mentally disabled and George has to take care of him while traveling/working. George has to take care of the responsibilities of

  • Reaching Out Without Dumbing Down

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    goals are accomplished, then worship will not be empty and simple-minded. Instead, the worship atmosphere would be held to a higher standard and, she believes, both pleasing to God and attractive to those who do not know God. "Reaching Out without Dumbing Down" is a book intended for church leaders, elders, or pastors who are considering altering their current worship style to attract more unsaved people. The author provides excellent standards to help pastors and worship leaders plan, execute, and evaluate

  • Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum

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    program put kids in a classroom for six hours a day, five days a week, jamming information they don’t want down their throats. Critics like John Taylor

  • Tabloid Journalism: The Dumbing Down Of News Culture

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    top selling in the newspaper industry. However, concerns are raised. As previously mentioned, the concept of ‘dumbing down’ refers to the view that tabloid journalism ‘dumbs down’ news culture through the lowering of standards and offers low quality public discourse, and engages in tasteless and inferior information. Concerning the tabloid cultures organisation of taste and its ‘dumbing down’ of journalistic culture, it is important to note however that there are serval dimensions of alternative media

  • Analysis Of The Dumbing Down Of Dads In Modern Society

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    I. Introductory paragraph: The focus of my discussion in this paper is the “dumbing-down” of dads in our modern society. In researching this topic, I came across the following comic strip that illustrates quite clearly how dads are often depicted/ portrayed to children, especially in the media. In the image copied below, we can see how the representation of the dad has changed over the years. The children comment that they are watching an old show where the father was actually an intelligible

  • Dumbing Down America: The Decline of Education in the US

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    The human mind is perhaps the greatest object on the earth, animate or inanimate, but without the proper training, the mind is a relatively useless tool. Through the development of formal education systems, humans as a whole have tried to ensure the training of all minds so as to continue prosperity for the world. Most of the time, though, education systems do not realize the harm they are doing to developing minds and the subsequent negative consequences. Among the largest of these inadequate education

  • Ruth Randall Dumbing Down Our Schools Summary

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    Here is where you’ll work on your drafts of Assignment 3. Introduction Paragraph: In the article “Dumbing Down Our Schools,” Ruth Mitchell states the argument of most classroom work found in large town and city high schools are below the academic grade level, except the Advanced Placement and honor classes. She brings up that high school students are doing the same activities that an elementary student would do. Mitchell has brought up convincing points that support her argument, such as statics

  • Is Technology Dumbing Us Down or Wising Us Up?

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    Since the Internet has emerged from society, access to information has been made readily available for anyone to discover. The Internet connects us to the world everyday, whether at work or at home. It helps us communicate with others; via email, social networking, or blogging. With the absents of the Internet, our society would be missing out on a vast amount of knowledge. Therefore, the Internet is unmistakably beneficial for society to use as part of their daily lives. Also, cell phones have evolved

  • The Diminishing Intellectual Capacity of Today's Society: Is the Internet Dumbing Us Down?

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    build a repertoire of beliefs based on the information they relate to. Often they will choose to believe false information simply because it follows the pattern of their preconceived notions. This leads us to a burning question: Is the Internet dumbing us down? As technology is developing at faster rates than ever, the Internet is proving to be quite the wonder. Never before has it been easier for a person to have instant access to nearly all of the information in the world, right at their fingertips

  • An Analysis of Birches

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    break; though once they are bowed So low for long, they never right themselves: Reality has its ups and downs. This passage suggests that people never fully recover from being dragged down by life even if they don't seem broken. Imagination is portrayed as "a swinger of birches." The portrayal of the boy refines this image: One by one he subdued his father's trees By riding them down over and over again. The boy seems to take in lessons about life from these encounters with the trees on

  • Evaluation of How the Box Hill Area is Influenced by Human Activity

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    Evaluation of How the Box Hill Area is Influenced by Human Activity The title for this piece of coursework is 'Evaluate how the Box Hill area is influenced by human activity'. The 'influence by human activity' reflects the way that humans utilise the Box Hill area and the effect that leisure and tourism have on the surrounding environment. Location Map: [IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE] Box Hill is located in Dorking, Surrey, England. OS map showing

  • Six Week Basketball Training Program

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    I will be running for a long time in a low position so will need to be able hold my body weight in this position. I will improve my dynamic strength by testing myself with a simple but effective exercise. I will lean against a wall in a sitting down position (as if there was a chair there) with my legs in a 90oposition and see how long I can hold my body weight for. (Picture) If I find this easy or am improving dramatically I will try it while holding a ball above my head. Cardiovascular

  • Womens Ice Hockey

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    and acceptance has been hard fought over the past one hundred years. Women have constantly been told that they can not play with men and that there sport is a second rate version of the men's game. The road of women's ice hockey has had many ups and downs but has perservered to the present day and is stronger than it has ever been. The future of women's ice hockey is bright thanks to diligence and hard work of those who kept it all going. Ironically women began playing the sport side by side with men

  • An Analysis of Burger King

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    An Analysis of Burger King Burger King is a reliable burger company which has had its ups and downs. In 1974, it came out with a slogan of "Have it your way" and at this time it also had a 4 % market share. Burger King's idea was to have the customer have their burger done their way rather than a standard burger. In the early 80's Burger King was trying to keep sales growing so they had to keep changing their advertising. In 1982 "Battle of the burgers" and "Aren't you hungry for a Burger king now