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The pleasure from social media can be instantaneously stimulating and enjoyable. Have you ever wondered what the best social media is? The results may blow your mind! In George Saunders’ essay “The Braindead Megaphone,” he argues that the dumbing down of media is a problem in our society. Megaphone Guy is person in a party with a megaphone who lacks intelligence and experience (2). Megaphone Guy is just blurting ideas to entertain the other guests and jumping from topic to topic without much consideration to what he is trying to say (3). The other guests’ train of thought veers from the activities that they are supposed to be involved in and react to what Megaphone Guy is saying (3), thus putting “an intelligence ceiling on the party” (4).…show more content…
There are a lot of good topics you can find and read that are interesting, but you have to filter through the “dog crap” stories to get to them. Reddit has a way of turning a few minutes into a few hours. One minute I will be scrolling past the cute kitten post and the next I get sucked into a post titled “Does the universe have a size limit the way it has a speed limit?” I just wasted 30 minutes trying to write the last sentence. Although it did peak my interest, it did not immediately benefit me to learn how gravity affects massive objects in space; this is a perfect example of how Reddit can be a waste of time when I should have been writing this essay instead. If we lived in a perfect world where time is unlimited, then I maybe I would become an astrophysicist, but I may only use that information as a conversation piece. It was an interesting discussion, but in the end, most of what you read on these websites will not benefit you in the real…show more content…
They will use tactics to keep people coming back to their websites, and there is nothing wrong with that as long as we are aware of these Megaphonic tendencies. Just like in Saunders’ essay, there is a dumbing down in social media as well. Social media can be very stimulating too, so we need to be aware of the time we spend when using it. All the things we see and hear can give us a skewed perception of what is going on in the world; it’s hard to say the things we see and hear are even true. Saunders said that the enemy here is us, so if we are going to use these social media websites, then we should use them as tools instead of a braindead playground. We should quit wasting our time with those loud obnoxious megaphones and turn ours down. Switch the intelligence of our megaphones to high and use these social media websites in a positive manner. The best type of social media wouldn’t be a specific one, but one that can be beneficial for us one way or

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