Drug Therapy Essays

  • The Pros And Cons Of Drug Therapy

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    When seeking drug treatment services, one early decision to make will be whether to join an inpatient or outpatient program. The main difference between the two treatment options is where the recovering individual lives; an inpatient program is residential whereas an outpatient one is not. Our around-the-clock services of an inpatient program make for greater intensity, but it is important to note that an inpatient program does not necessarily offer a greater chance of success compared to an outpatient

  • Therapy and Rehabilitation for Drugs and Alcohol

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    Treatment There are both Drug and Alcohol therapy and rehabilitation. Inpatient and Outpatient treatment is available depending on the need of individuals who suffer from SUD’s. These therapies are applied most commonly by a counselor through appropriate set-up of counseling sessions. For this purpose, there are many treatment centers that offer different rehabilitation programs for persons in need (Doweiko, 2012).These programs mainly include weekly individual counseling sessions, group session

  • Talk Therapy vs Psychoactive Drugs

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    In today’s society, a lot of emphasis is placed on administering drugs and medicating people with psychological issues; however, most of these ailments and issues have the ability be treated through the use of talk therapy rather than medication. Americans are particularly guilty of over medicating when it comes to our more common mental health diagnosis such as, ADHD, depression, and anxiety. We as a society expect things to be done at the snap of a finger; in our advancement of science, we have

  • Harm Reduction Theory During Drug Therapy

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    Harm Reduction approach during drug treatment, the counselor approaches the issue of substance abuse as a something more than just an issue to be cured. The intent of Harm reduction therapy is not to completely eliminate the client’s use of drugs, but instead focuses on minimizing the physical and mental harm that can be associated with the ongoing abuse of the given substance. The strategies used during this type of therapy emphasize management of the clients drug and alcohol use. In many cases

  • The Use Of Drug Therapy In 28 Days, By Sandra Bullock

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    In the film 28 Days, Sandra Bullock plays Gwen, a troubled alcohol and drug addict, who is required to complete 28 days in rehab or prison time after a troubled incident under intoxication. With prison being a choice nobody wants to take, Gwen chooses rehab in order to help herself stay out of prison and attempt to relieve herself from her addictions. Throughout her time in rehab, film viewers can understand a type of drug treatment program an addict can go through. In the film, the program features

  • Comparison of Drug Courts or Cognitive Behavior Therapy to Battle Cocaine Addiction

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    severe health problems. I am conducting this research paper to compare and contrast the differences between the effectiveness of drug courts and cognitive behavioral therapy for cocaine addicts. We know that all people respond differently to therapy than others do, but it is good to be able to find the effectiveness and success rate of cognitive-behavioral therapy, and drug courts overall. But before we jump into the effectiveness of CBT, we need to know what the goal of CBT is and what the process

  • Psychotherapy And Drug Therapy Essay

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    Depression can be treated essentially by using two types of treatment: psychotherapy and drug therapy. Psychotherapy uses the combination of different techniques from the different models such as psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy. Psychodynamic therapy: The psychodynamic therapies focus on resolving the patient's inner psychological conflicts that are typically thought to be rooted in childhood (Debjit bhowmik, Kumar, Srivastava, Paswan, Dutta 2012). The therapists make

  • Appropriate Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

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    need to be discussed in order to fully understand the situation: a description of ADHD, the symptoms of ADHD, the statistical information regarding the over prescription and a description/history of stimulant use, and some possible alternatives to drug therapy. It is important to understand what ADHD is. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder that was originally thought to be a form of "minimal brain dysfunction (MBD) (D’Alonzo 88)," however, it is no longer recognized as a form

  • Drug Therapies To Patients: A Case Study

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    Taunna, you have provided a great example of a simple medication that was significantly complicated by the adverse effects of the drug. I thought the approach you did to the patient then was significant despite some apparent stumbling block in the extent of our clinical practice. In the course of your discussion, it hit me just how difficult the task is of creating and maintaining open communication pathways for the entirety of the staff especially if you are dealing with individuals who may have

  • Major Forms of Therapy

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    Therapy has long been thought of as taboo. In this paper, I will discuss the major forms of therapy and their characteristics along with the strategies that are also used. This essay will also cover examples of each disorder and show which therapeutic method is best used in caring for individual(s). Psychological Disorders have been around for centuries, back then they did not know how to treat various disorders. Throughout much of human history, people linked abnormal behavior to witchcraft

  • Risperidone Research Paper

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    with autism spectrum disorder should incorporate the use of music therapy into their patients’ treatment plans. The most readily available treatment option for cognitive correction in autism is medication. Medicines such as antipsychotic drugs, stimulants, and antidepressants are used to target particular sections of the brain to alleviate different neurological impairments such as mood swings and seizures. Risperidone is a drug most commonly used among children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

  • Compare And Contrast Eastern And Eastern Medicine

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    have used and benefited from the use of chiropractic treatment. Through the use of spinal manipulation, along with the use of medical massages, I am able to function on a daily basis without the aggravation of aches and pains and without the use of drugs or invasive surgeries. Chiropractic care is not the only form of Eastern medicine that I have used and certainly is not the only form of treatment available. Several other practices are available and I think you as a reader will agree that all are

  • A Comparison of Two Therapeutic Approaches to Mental Disorders

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    approach has proved positive where psychodynamic therapies have failed in including medically genetic factors and that drug therapies have proved effective, at least in the sense of reducing the symptoms of those suffering from mental disorders. Still there are negative sides, the medical approach ignores unlike the psychodynamic the more subjective side to disorders or background experiences, it has also been argued that with drug-centred therapies people stop working threw for example what would

  • Medication Therapy Management Model

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    The service of Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is designed to maximize collaboration among different healthcare providers such as pharmacists, physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals to reach the safest and effective use of medications which improve the patient outcomes. According to Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003, the main goal is to improve patient’s comprehension of appropriate medication use, increase the patient compliance to the medication

  • Group Therapy Essay

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    Group Therapy Group interventions provide a range of therapeutic processes which includes both general and specific groups and which offer a platform for peer support, a sense of universalisation and a shared experience and also an opportunity to learn from other people who are facing similar challenges. Self efficacy and the new coping resources are contributed by peer support and modeling. Supportive-Expressive group therapy Two therapies lead each supportive-expressive therapy group. The therapists

  • Musical Therapy

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    in complete happiness. Luckily, measures have been instituted to treat such a disease. Psychotherapy, anti-depressants, and counseling are all proven techniques to combat depression. However, a relatively newfound therapy has been researched by various neuroscientists. Musical Therapy is the incorporation of song to soothe a patient’s stress response such as heartbeat, breathing, and hormone levels. This treatment form is found to be most relatable with adolescents. According to the Journal of Humanistic

  • Homeopathy Vs Integrative Medicine

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    Physical therapy treatment ranges from short-term to long term treatment depending on the severity of the injury. “A career as a physical therapist requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy, and then passing the certification exam” (Santiago). Physical therapy treatment takes an integrative approach with conventional medicine, but not with other forms of alternative treatment. As a result, the Physical Therapy program will need to be revised to include

  • Dementia And Schizophrenia Essay

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    people do not wish to be hospitalized, it is sometime very necessary so they can get the proper care and treatment. Mental illnesses require ongoing treatment, they can be effectively treated by medication, psychotherapy, group therapy, day-to-day treatment or special therapies like cognitive-behavior

  • An Informative Essay: The Effectiveness Of Music Therapy

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    together, here comes in music therapy. Music therapy is a health profession in which a music therapist uses music and its facets - physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual, to help patients improve and maintain their health. It is regarded as an expressive therapy. The cognitive function, motor skills, emotional and affective development, behavior and social skills, and quality of life of the patients are clinically proven to be improved through music therapy. Music experiences of free

  • The Importance Of Music Therapy

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    helps when the day is tough, and my body is full of anxiety and unhappiness. People like to say, that music can calm the savage beast, according to Snyder, & Linguist, (2009) This literature review will discuss how II. Mr. Yakisoma chooses Music therapy. Mr. Yakisoma, the case study patient discusses with his physician concerning his diagnosis of having a heart attack, diabetes, and from being in the Military pain increasing, because of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. Because of the heart