The Importance Of Music Therapy

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Phase 4 Mind-Body Techniques DB 3
I. What is music and how does it help patients? Using music helps when the day is tough, and my body is full of anxiety and unhappiness. People like to say, that music can calm the savage beast, according to Snyder, & Linguist, (2009) This literature review will discuss how
II. Mr. Yakisoma chooses Music therapy. Mr. Yakisoma, the case study patient discusses with his physician concerning his diagnosis of having a heart attack, diabetes, and from being in the Military pain increasing, because of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. Because of the heart attacks and diabetes there is an increasing amount of pain in his legs. Smoking or poor nutrition causes various chronic diseases. Mr. Yakisoma has tried multiple treatments that have not been successful. Even though some of the interventions and strategies: have been successful to various chronic diseases and risks factors.
III. State,the therapy,selected: In the reading, it told about how music has been around throughout history as a treatment modality. The Egyptians use the power of music to affect healing. In the history of nursing Florence nightingale recognize the healing power of music (1860/1969). Today, nurses use music in a variety of settings to benefit patients, also they use it in different settings (Snyder, & Linguist, 2009, p.91, Para. 1).” Music is the mind-body techniques that Mr. Yakisoma will be using.
IV. This literature review is of Mr. Yakisoma condition that manages chronic illness and pain.
A. It reports what the research has to say on this treatment: There are research reports that discuss three studies of music therapy.
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