Psychotherapy And Drug Therapy Essay

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Depression can be treated essentially by using two types of treatment: psychotherapy and drug therapy. Psychotherapy uses the combination of different techniques from the different models such as psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy. Psychodynamic therapy: The psychodynamic therapies focus on resolving the patient's inner psychological conflicts that are typically thought to be rooted in childhood (Debjit bhowmik, Kumar, Srivastava, Paswan, Dutta 2012). The therapists make an extensive use of free association as the psychodynamic theorists believe that depression develops in response to a loss; often a loss at the unconscious level (Comer, 1992). The therapist and patient discuss the events that may have led to a loss and then interpret accordingly. The interpretations are intended to provide the patient with some insight into his or her self-anger that Freud believed is present with a loss that precipitates a depressive episode. Psychodynamic theorists also use dream interpretation as a means of unlocking the unconscious mind. By gaining insight from th...
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