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  • Doppler Effect Essay

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    Maxim Gurevich Doppler Effect Physics IA Introduction The Doppler Effect is a wave phenomenon that can be heard every day. It affects different sound differently depending on their sources’ speed relative to the observer. I noticed this when I observed that if the source moves too slowly, the effect is less apparent. I wanted to explore this situation, and to fulfill my curiosity, I used a sound emitter traveling in a circle. I asked this question: “How does the angular velocity of a sound emitter

  • Doppler Effect Essay Example

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    Doppler radar Meteorologists and weather analysts use the Doppler Effect to read weather events. In this case, the fixed transmitter is located at a weather station and the moving object being studied is a storm system. This is what happens: 1. Radio waves are emitted from the transmitter at the weather station at a specific frequency. 2. The waves are large enough to interact with clouds and other atmospheric objects. The waves strike the atmospheric objects and bounce back toward the receiver at

  • Relativistic Doppler Effect and the Misunderstandings of Special Theory of Relativity

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    The present paper discusses the relativistic Doppler effect and tries to found misunderstandings in the present state of the Special theory of relativity. The author's conclusion that he found some “blue shift” which contradicts with time dilation is wrong. The weakest feature of the paper is that although the formulas, presented by authors, are in general correct, but they do not support the conclusions the author extract from them, and mistake is hidden in the interpretation. Let's focus on the

  • Principles of Physics in Ultrasound

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    frequency at about 20kHz when the sound is no longer audible and above the frequency disturbance, this is know as ultrasound. The first major breakthrough in the evolution of high frequency echo-sounding techniques came when the piezo-electric effect in certain crystals was discovered by Pierre and Jacques Curie in Paris in 1880. The turn of the century saw the invention of the Diode (component that restricts the direction of movement, allows an electric current to flow in one direction)

  • Meteorology Essay On The Atmosphere

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    consists of? What's it made out of, what type of weather patterns are there, what does a hurricane look like, or other natural phenomenon's of today's weather ? Well America, hopefully now we can! Meteorology is the study of the atmosphere and the effects it has on our weather. Climatology focuses on how atmospheric changes alter the world’s climates, aeronomy is the study of the upper parts of the atmosphere. Meteorology focuses on the lower parts of the atmosphere, primarily the troposphere, where

  • Christian Doppler Biography

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    Christian Doppler: A Biography Have you ever wondered why a car is much louder coming towards you, than it is going away from you? Or, have you been baffled at how loud an ambulance siren is before it passes you, only for it to be much quieter going away from you? This trend has been dubbed the “Doppler Effect” and was named after proclaimed physicist Christian Doppler. Through years of schooling and many more years of teaching, Doppler was able to amass plenty of credibility in the field of science

  • Physics of Speed Detection

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    Speed detection is one of the most notorious functions of our local and state police. How do they know how fast we are going? Speed determination is accomplished in two basic ways. First, the least sophisticated method is dependent upon an officer's ability to guess your speed. Second, either some electronic method using radar or laser instrumentation authenticates that officer's guess. As you will see, their guesses are usually right on target. What does this mean for you? Usually a

  • The Cosmos: Creation

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    wavelength was longer than that of the light emitted from the corresponding atoms in the lab. Furthermore he found that the farther away the galaxy was the more it was shifted toward the red end of the spectrum. Hubble attributed this shift to the doppler effect. Hubble saw this and concluded that all galaxies are rushing away from us and the universe is expanding as a whole. Modern equipment has observed and verified this so-called Hubble expansion exists throughout the observable universe. This shows

  • Kinematics Essay

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    “The definition of “kinematics” is the study of the motion of objects using words, equations, graphs and diagrams and numbers. Kinematics is a study aimed at explaining the motion of objects.”1 In kinematics velocity plays a key role in explaining the motion that occurs. Although velocity and speed are different (Velocity includes a direction) both are used to describe a motion. There are a few different devices that can be used to measure the speed of an object or motion in sports. A radar gun

  • Quasars

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    hypothesis. Three hypotheses have been advanced to account for the supposed redshifts: 1. Cosmological hypothesis; the redshifts are due to the expansion of the universe, 2. Gravitational hypothesis, 3 Local-Doppler hypothesis; in this hypothesis the redshifts are due to the Doppler effect, but the quasars are relatively nearby and have nothing to do with the expansion of the universe. Of these hypotheses, the first one is the most publicized one. One is led to attribute to quasars very many

  • A Futuristic Story

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    The year was 3156. You would imagine there was peace in the world. It was as we were in paradise. There was no suffering in the world and we were the most advanced civilization than any on another planet. That is what we all thought it was going to be like. We were wrong. 300 years ago, darkness had taken over the world. Evil spirits entered from the spirit world to the human world in order to take over everything. It was a catastrophic time, with half the world dead. All the people of the world

  • The Changing Effects of One as told in Children on Their Birthdays

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    The Changing Effects of One as told in Children on Their Birthdays In Truman Capote’s “Children on Their Birthdays,” the reader is allowed to see the ability one person has to effect a community. Through the character of Miss Bobbit, Capote shows all of the different effects, both positive and negative, that a young girl was able to have on an entire town. Through the effects of Miss Bobbit, the reader sees how a small shakeup in what is expected to be normal can benefit something for the better

  • Essay On Effectiveness Of HCI

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    Also there should be different design for different people for instance different design for the people with disabilities .The design should have certain features that support people with disabilities like for example people with colour blindness effect. The KLM model or the keystroke level model, which was developed by David Kerias who designed an 11- step guide for organizations to see how long it takes to complete simple data input tasks using a computer and a mouse. It has proven to be the best

  • Effectiveness Of Advertising On Advertising

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    Title of the project report Effectiveness of Advertisement in Telecom Industry on consumers with reference to Airtel. Objectives of the study I. To study types of advertisements. II. To study effectiveness of advertisements i.e. on sales, profitability. III. To study the perception of consumers towards the product due to advertisement. IV. To find the ways to make it more effective. Reaserch Methodology Research Design The research design is Descriptive studies. Descriptive studies

  • The Socio-Economic Effects of Spring Grove Dam in the Midlands Area

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    The socio-economic effects of Spring Grove Dam in the Midlands area [Source:] Table of Contents Page Introduction: Aims and Objectives 3 Location Aim Hypothesis Factors of Investigation Review of Literature 5 Data/Information Gathering and Presentation of Findings 7 Analysis, Interpretation and Discussion of Findings Conclusion and Evaluation Referencing INTRODUCTION Location and information about Spring Grove Dam: Spring Grove

  • The Causes and Effects of Poverty

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    are these people going through? Poverty is the state of one who lacks a standard or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions. Sometimes events occur that changes a person’s perspective on life. Poverty is one that can have a huge effect on not only one person, but also the people around him/her. Over half of the world is going through this tragedy and we, being the ones who created it, have the responsibility to end it. To begin, there are two main types of poverty in the world,

  • Essay On Effects Of Divorce On Children

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    In the journal of effects of parental separation and divorce on very young children they tell us about mayor effects on young children when facing divorce. It tells us that shared parenting is one of the major ones and it tells us the effect on the child specifically. In the Journal we also read that one of the effects of divorce is gaining a disobliged parent. After reading the journal we learn that psychological distress is also a factor of divorce that affects the child. Divorce diminishes parenting

  • Cause And Effect Essay On Prescription Drugs

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    from the behavior of the person while being impacted by the drug. Not just adults, but also adolescents which brings to about 14.2% of teens being impacted by illicit drugs. Any type of drug is a substance that changes the body’s through an effect. Each effect is different depending many factors, from the amount of the substance, the type of person that is using the drug. Many teens use drugs or are introduced to drugs for many reasons. One reason may be from

  • Techniques Louis de Bernières Uses to Portray the Effects of the War

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    What techniques does Louis de Bernières use to portray the effects of the war so powerfully? Louis de Bernières uses many techniques to portray the effects of the war as powerfully as he does. He uses techniques that vary from use of language, to using the diary of a homosexual soldier. In the in-between there are other techniques such as: contrast of the good and bad effects of the war; death, from the inside and the outside; or showing feelings from soldiers instead of numbers and figures

  • Acid Rain: Scourge From The Skies

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    Acid Rain: Scourge from the Skies “North Americans have been smelting ore and burning fossil fuels for generations. In the past, the gases went up ordinary chimneys or small smoke stacks, to descend upon near by areas and pollute them,” states author, Robert Collins. Almost everyone knows what acid rain is and has a vague idea of the consequences that exist as a cause of it. Most people however do not realize the severity of acid rain. The essay “Acid Rain: Scourge from the Skies” by Robert Collins