Herbal Acne Treatments

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Herbal acne treatments include the treatment of acne with the help of natural and readily available herbs. Although there are various effective acne treatments available in the market, most people prefer treating themselves naturally rather than with the help of chemicals on their skin.

Herbal acne treatments are usually adopted as they are light on the skin and have very few or no side effects as compared to the chemical options. Though, before you select a herb for the natural acne treatment, you must research well on them and learn the proper way to make use of them.

There are a few herbs that are well known and contain the acne treatment properties that soothe and heal the acne lesions. Some herbs work well on their own but some of them need to be mixed or combines with other herbs to achieve the best results. Many herbs are to be applied directly on the skin or the acne affected areas, while others need to be taken internally.

One such well known combination herbal acne treatment is the mixture of yellow dock, sarsaparilla, cleavers and burdock herbs. These herbs are known for their cleansing properties and are good for unclogging the skin and allow effective healing of the acne. This mixture of herbs is meant to be taken internally and the suggested dosage is one and a half teaspoon of the three herbs mixed, thrice a day.

There are other herbs that need to be taken internally to heal acne. Such herbs are Echinacea, oregano and basil. For the apt dosage of the herb, it is better to consult the labels of each supplement given to you before you use it. the best part of all these herbs is that these can also be applied to the skin to enhance the healing results. Echinacea can be applied as it is on the skin, but bas...

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...ontains tea tree oil once a day. You can also take the basil herb internally; clean you skin with witch hazel every night, and then apply the tea tree oil at night for the best results and effective healing of acne.

It doesn’t matter which herbal acne treatment you choose, make sure that you test the herb on a small area of your skin before you start using it on the whole of your acne affected skin so that you rule out sensitivity. Inform your skin specialist of your plans if you are already using prescription acne treatments. Herbs take longer to treat and heal your skin as compared the commercial products, which is why it is important to give them enough time to work before you decide they are ineffective on your skin. In case of any doubts about the herbal acne treatment, consult your skin specialist so that you can use them properly and get the best results.
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