Causes and Effect for Protest During The Arab Spring

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Causes and Effect for Protest
There was total chaos on the roads, rallies and strikers in some places. They yelled with righteous indignation as well as raised signs to express their requirements for the government. I watched these picture on the TV on 18 December 2010 which called Arab Spring which began in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya was wave demonstrations against governments have never happened before . I think that there were two mainly causes to appear protest in some countries, and we will talk about effecting for some protest in this essay (
Unsafe living conditions is one crucial reason for the existence pf protest. There are such abominable crimes in Venezuela because the government does not care about crime data, such as robberies, carjacking and kidnappings and there were about 67 murder per 100,000 residents rates in the world, so Venezuela is one of the most violent places in the world (, 4/13/2014 ).(, 4/13/2014...
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