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  • Domain Names

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    Domain Names What is a “domain name”? Domain names are the addresses of the Internet, like or A domain name is part of a URL or “Universal Resource Locator;” an Internet Address. Each user on the Internet is identified by a unique IP address, consisting of four bytes (or 32 bits) from 0 to 255 separated by periods, such as To avoid remembering such an unwieldy address, a domain name is used instead. When you type a domain name into your browser

  • The Domain Name System

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    The Domain Name System (DNS) is a distributed, hierarchical database of Internet name and address information. The purpose of the DNS is to resolve, or map, the names of host computers to numerical IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. Every computer connected to the Internet has its own unique IP address. The IP address is a 32-bit number that is conventionally presented in dotted decimal form divided into four binary octets. The domain name is an alphanumerical name that corresponds to the IP address

  • Web Hosting and Domain Name System

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    within the organizational plan. This proposal will address the process for hosting on a Microsoft Windows Server 2012 server internally. The proposal will also address securing the web server and website. This proposal will also address name resolution for the corporate offices and the ten remote locations. Hosted Website Because lives in a hosted environment, the corporate website frequently appears offline to our customers and employees alike. Server resources within the shared

  • Nissan Motor Co. v Nissan Computer Corp.

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    about the use of the two domain names being used by Nissan Computer Corp for several reasons. Firstly, as the Web has become a major marketing tool, customers and potential customers of Nissan Motor Co. might have difficulties finding their information due to the two domain names currently owned by Nissan Computer Corp. Ultimately this could result in the company losing profits if customers are not able to access their website. Another concern would be in regards to the names of the companies and possible

  • Essay on Internet Privacy - Cookies and Internet Privacy

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    This makes it possible, for sites to compile lists of how often visitors go to a particular page as well as when they visit it. By themselves, cookies cannot reveal the identity of the user. All these files can do is store information about domain names and the rough location of the visitor. That said, if the site requires registration and a sign in -as is the case with yahoo email, for example- then site administrators can combine the two streams of data with ease. Cookies also cannot send viruses

  • Website Synthesis Essay

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    A website is made up of many web pages. Each web page can be reached by users through at least a single uniform resource locator (URL) or in some occasions through multiple URLs. A URL is human-readable text that was designed to replace the numbers (IP addresses) that computers use to communicate with servers. URLs are the identities to the web pages of a website. This makes two aspects of URLs important: - Creating URL naming conventions - Managing all the URLs URL NAMING CONVENTIONS • Should

  • News - 24/7

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    1- In order to get the latest up to the minute coverage, you need to have your television on all the time and tuned to one of the all news stations. The Cable News Network or CNN was the first 24 hour current events network, and it launched June 1, 1980. Other networks have since launched their own versions of 24 hour programming such as FOX and MSNBC. The Weather Channel provides 24 hour coverage of weather across the globe, and it is crucial to understand how the weather can alter current events

  • Is Buying Domain Names Profitable?

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    Is Buying Domain Names Profitable? This is in response to a question a fellow Moz community member once asked in Q&A, and we thought that it deserved its own article. Buying up expired domains, or purchasing keyword-driven domains is becoming more popular amongst the internet "get rich quick" crowd. The big question is: Can you make a profit by buying and selling domain names? If you get the right one, sure. If you plan on repeating the process over and over, probably not. Something wise my father

  • Exploration And Exploitation Essay

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    Lavie & Rosenkopf, 2006; J. Lee & Bae, 2012). In many researches, the focus of a domain can be single or multiple domains. A domain refers to the field of action or thought or region which have particular characteristic ( According to (Y. Li, Vanhaverbeke, & Schoenmakers, 2008) domain can be categorized in terms of supply, demand and geographic domain. The authors propose domain function should clearly be identified to provide meaningful finding. Besides that

  • Internet Service Providers ( Isp )

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    Internet service providers (ISP) are companies that would give user’s access to the internet, by providing them with the necessary equipment, like routers. This lets people use email, browsers and the worldwide web. People who use the internet at home will pay the ISPs a fixed amount of money a month so they have constant access to the internet. Business users will either pay a monthly or yearly and will have a much stronger connection because they normally pay a lot more. ISP’s will give you access

  • The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

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    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers [ICANN] is a nonprofit corporation formed in 1998 to take over the operations of the Internet from the United States government. The main duty of ICANN is to manage and control the domain name system [DNS] which is the main basis for the Internet. ICANN is also responsible for the technical operations of the Internet, the creation of innovative ideas for the Internet and also provides stability for the operations of the Internet. The governance

  • Mechanisms and Processes of the Internet

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    develop E-commerce applications. In this paper I will discuss the mechanisms and process of the Internet. The structure of the paper is as follows: · The Basic Process · Mechanisms of the Internet · IP address and Name Servers · Ports and Protocols II. The Basic Process When we surf the web, we type any URL in to our browser, and the desired page pop up on our screen. At the most basic level possible, the following diagram shows what happened:

  •   Evaluating a Website for Credibility:

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    information that protects the nation against dangerous health threats. This website was chosen by the student for a personal and professional interest in health information provided by the CDC. A Google search was performed to locate the website domain, resulting in web address The credibility of the website is evaluated using specific criteria and supported by empirical evidence. Using examples, the importance of evaluating internet-based information for a professional

  • Security, Ethical, and Legal Issues Surrounding the Internet

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    The internet and the World Wide Web are arguably the greatest inventions of our time. The effects of the internet are deeply pervasive now influencing almost every sphere of our lives. The internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, conduct business, relate with each other, entertain, educate and retrieve information. With the touch of a button, we can now communicate face to face with friends and relatives miles away. The internet has also provided an efficient medium for sharing large volumes

  • Cyber Squatting and Domain Speculation – A Global perspective

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    Cyber Squatting and Domain Speculation – A Global perspective Introduction and definitions ‘Cyber squatting’ has become an increasing source of annoyance and problem in the internet world. Apart from some of the other issues such as internet security, hacking and frauds, which usually occur after going online, ‘Cyber Squatting’ is the first major problem faced by any company well before they even setup an internet web site. Before moving on to the various issues, it is often unclear of what

  • Imagination is More Important than Knowledge

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    Imagination is More Important than Knowledge Alan Wesoloski, the owner of, could be a millionaire. Alan bought the domain name in 1996 because his cat happened to be named Yoda. On the internet, is accessed approximately 15,000 times a day. My guess is that about 14,995 of those people are kids looking for information about the Star Wars character Yoda. A large percentage of those kids are seeking Yoda dolls, light sabers, or other Star Wars paraphernalia. Alan's web page, however

  • How Does a Switch Have an Advantage over a Bridge on a Network

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    Bridges and Switches work on the data link layer of the OSI Model. However, switches are more advanced. Discuss how a switch has an advantage over a bridge in a network then elaborate more on the technology implemented in switches to control broadcast domains. A network switch is a networking device that connects devices together on a network enacting a form of packet switching. It operates in the Data Link layer of the OSI model. It essentially acts like a multi-port network bridge that processes and

  • Security Engineering

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    ASSIGNMENT 4 AWARENESS OF CURRENT EVENTS Introduction: The security engineering is the environment of engineering science which deals with security and integrity of real world organizations. It also deals with system engineering in order to enforce security policies in an organization. In the modern world, the systems cut across various areas of human efforts, therefore the security engineers need not consider the substantial and logical properties of the organization. They have to concentrate on

  • Analysis Of Part 4: Possible Solution And Prevention For Pharming

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    Pharming. First of all, it is important to remind users always check the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) typed into the address bar of their browser. Users should make sure the spelling does not involve any mistake to prevent against the similar domain name and confirm they are redirected to the right Web site. Next, calling users’ attention to the type of private data requested by a site is critical. A phony Web site that imitates the service provider may demands more personal information than

  • Assignment Of DNS

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    ASSIGNMENT:  Assignment is about to introduced the DNS (Domain Name System) ,it’s working and describes what is Root Name Server, how many they are and it’s location’s.  First of all I’ll explain what DNS (Domain Name System) is and it’s working. DNS (DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM): Paul Mockaptris developed DNS (Domain Name System) at UC (University of California for Public Research).In 1983 Irvine first implementation of DNS by the request of John Postel from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)