Internet Service Providers ( Isp )

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Internet service providers (ISP) are companies that would give user’s access to the internet, by providing them with the necessary equipment, like routers. This lets people use email, browsers and the worldwide web. People who use the internet at home will pay the ISPs a fixed amount of money a month so they have constant access to the internet. Business users will either pay a monthly or yearly and will have a much stronger connection because they normally pay a lot more. ISP’s will give you access to the World Wide Web, email, web space, internet application software and technical support. They also give users a hub/switch. ISP’s are very important because without them users would not be able to gain access to the internet. They would not have the correct devices or software to connect to the internet. This shows ISP’s role in web architecture, they provide people and business with the necessary equipment that lets them use the Internet. Web hosting services are services that allow users and businesses to create a website and let other people access it using the World Wide Web. Different organisations host websites in many different ways, for example cloud hosting and server hosting are two ways which web sites can be accessed by using the internet. Server hosting is like renting a house or an apartment, however with server hosting the user will gain a certain amount of space on a server so he/she can put their website on the World Wide Web. Server hosting is very good because if web hosting services didn 't offer this, then if someone wants to create a website, they would have to buy their own server, this can be very expensive and if everyone would have to buy a server to create a website, then there would not be as many we... ... middle of paper ... ...ets users manage their emails. (Beal, n.d.) Proxy servers are servers that are between the application and the main server. When sending a request to go onto a webpage the proxy sever will try to perform the task by taking in the requests and if the proxy server cannot perform the request then it will send it to the sever it was supposed to go to. Proxy servers have two purposes. Its first is to improve performance and its second is to filter requests. The first is done by re-using requests. For example if a user requests to go onto page 1 then later another user sends a request for the same page, instead of sending the request to the webserver the proxy will just return the page 1 it got off the first user and send it to the second, so it re-uses requests. It also filters requests and a company can manage what their employers go on by using a proxy. (Beal, n.d.)
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