News - 24/7

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In order to get the latest up to the minute coverage, you need to have your television on all the time and tuned to one of the all news stations. The Cable News Network or CNN was the first 24 hour current events network, and it launched June 1, 1980. Other networks have since launched their own versions of 24 hour programming such as FOX and MSNBC. The Weather Channel provides 24 hour coverage of weather across the globe, and it is crucial to understand how the weather can alter current events. Political leaders have people who watch the stations all the time to report any essential breaking news to them.


Millions of people use various online news organizations as their primary sources for local, national and world news. Most newspapers have an online version which is much more convenient to consumers than the print version. News on the Internet can be updated immediately as events unfold, whereas printed papers are already out of date before they are even delivered by the paperboy. Sometimes the newspaper is only good for lining the cage of a parakeet by the time it is de...
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