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  • Does God Exist?

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    Proof Of The Exsistence of God Either God exists or He doesn't. There is no middle ground. Any attempt to remain neutral in relation to God's existence is automatically synonymous with unbelief. The question for God's existence is really important. Does God exist? Theology, cosmological, teleological and ontological arguments are all have ways to prove the existence of God. With all of these great arguments how can one deny that there is a God. There is a God and with these reasons I will prove that

  • Does God Exist?

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    In this essay I discuss why there is proof that there is a supernatural being known as God, who has created everything we know and experience. The mere claim, there could be a "Proof for the Existence of God," seems to invite ridicule. But not always are those right who laugh first and think later. Remember how all-knowing doctors/scientists laughed at every new discovery. They laughed when they heard for the first time about diseases that were supposedly caused by animals so tiny that you could

  • Does God Exist?

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    the many rational arguments for and against the existence of God. It is based on the views of some of the great philosophers and scientists of our world. I will show that there is no sufficient proof or comprehensive arguments for the existence of God. Some people search for eternal peace through the beliefs in God; but this is an impossible belief because of the chances, the plausibility, and because of science. ONTOLOGICAL ARGUMENTS God generally refers to one supreme, holy, personal being,. The

  • Does God Exist?

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    Does God exist? This is an incredibly loaded question that has been the topic of discussion for many scientists, theologians, and philosophers for centuries. Some people try to use reason to explain the existence of God and others use faith. Faith and reason are two very different things. Faith is a belief in God based on a complete belief in God or for spiritual understanding. Reason is using rationale to explain causes and events. The two are very different because faith is very subjective and

  • Does God Really Exist?

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    personal God or gods. Religion has been the part of human from the dawn of time, and whether people believe in almighty God or any other god. Most religions believe in a particular higher power, as a result it raises a question whether God really exists or not? Every person in this world can give an answer to that particular question in there on way and according to their religion. Some will say that God exists and they will give there proof of Gods existence, but there are others that believe God doesn’t

  • Huxley's Agnosticism: Do God Does God Exist?

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    the scholarly article is that man cannot say there is a God or not because there is no scientific proof to show that he is right. There is no proof that God does not exists or that he does exists. Hence, the reason why Agnostics cannot say they believe in a God or not. So, Agnostics believe that it cannot be known that a God exists, or in some cases, that is currently unable to know if a God exists. So if asked the question; do you believe in God? An agnostic would say ‘I don’t know’. The reasoning

  • does god exsit

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    Does god exist? One of the most controversy topics in today’s world that has grown over the years. Whether he exist or not has been an argument between theist and atheist all over. Even though people should believe that god exist because the bible has concealed that his presence on this earth was real, god doesn’t exist because there is no scientific that his presence was real. It all lies on what people let their minds to believe. It is pointless to take something based upon faith, which is based

  • Does God Exist Research Paper

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    There have been generations of debating over whether God exists and how the universe was made. Many atheists and theists/creationists have argued over scientific proof that the Bible is accurate and that God exists. People have said that science and spirituality are separate, and cannot coexist. The world has so many mysteries concerning this and the earth's creation. All people can do is debate, and choose what they put their faith in. For instance, Bill Nye, a famous scientist who also was in

  • Does God Exist Research Paper

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    The existence of God Born as a Christian missionary child, I faced a religious conflict with my parents dealing with my faith. During my adolescence, they expected and pressured me to regularly attend Sunday service. I truly thought devoting my time and energy into the church was meaningless and wasteful being indifferent about Christianity. Eventually, I made them furious by debating the existence of God with my immature comprehension. "Does God really exist?", the ubiquitous question always arises

  • How Does One Find God?

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    universal question of people of different ethnic backgrounds, languages and beliefs is, "How Does One Find God?" In my case God found me with Divine Miracles and Divine Providence, but in most instances it requires faith. If one's heritage and upbringing is such that faith in God is strong, then believing and trusting in God is a given. However if one holds on to one's rational logical mind or sours on God because of evil world events like the Holocaust, faith may never materialize or be lost. What

  • What Does God Does Not Need To Tell Of His Promises

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    God does not need to be reminded of His promises. He made promises and bound Himself to us in a blood-sealed covenant so that we would know exactly what we could expect from Him. The purpose of His promises is to give us confidence and peace. Instead, sometimes we pray as if we are responsible for finding the scriptural promise that can be construed as guaranteeing the outcome we have prescribed, then taking that promise to God to hold Him to His Word. This kind of pray-er treats God's Word as

  • What Does Swear To God Mean

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    The phrase Swear to God dates back to Biblical times as a promise to God, the key word is swear meaning to make a pledge or a guarantee. In the Bible this oath was not to be taken lightly for the fear of going to hell and it was a promise to a higher power increasing one’s creditability. Swear also means to use offensive language, taking the Lord’s name in vain, in addition to cursing. However, swear to God has become just another acronym widely used across many social media sites as STG. The users

  • Does God Exist Research Paper

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    most heavily debated topics of discussion throughout the world is the existence of God. No matter where one lives or their background there is always some religion claiming to know the true God, and many others believing in no gods at all. There are many logical arguments for the existence of God that each have unique features from philosophers such as William Paley, and Blaise Pascal. But where there are believers in God there are also those who do not believe there is enough evidence to believe, these

  • Does God Really Exist?

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    The existence of God or rather an intelligent being with define abilities has been a contentious issue of discussion since time immemorial. There are as many people advocating for divinity in the creation of the universe as there are people doubting the existence of this Supreme Being with unique and really frightening capabilities who designed and created the universe. Among the chief advocates of the thought of the existence of God and perfect order in the creation of the universe is William Paley

  • The Teleological Argument: Does God Exist?

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    In today’s society there are many arguments surrounding the question “does God exist?”. One of these is the teleological argument. The world around us is very intricate, from snowflakes to plain old rocks, much like the items we ourselves create. Many people nowadays and throughout history (myself included) noticed this trend and think about how our world is structured and detailed in a way that when studied closely, looks as though it must’ve been designed in order to exist at all. Nothing we create

  • What Does It Mean To Say That God Is Light?

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    in the surprising fact that it is used both for the Godhead as well as for the lesser human category. “God” scriptures affirm, “is Light”. Elsewhere in the New Testament Jesus made the assertion, “I am the Light of the world. ” What wonder, what privilege then for human beings to be accorded the honour of wearing this same stunning, resplendent label, even if in a derived, inferior sense. God is Light. We are light. Such dignity! As a derived metaphor for followers of Jesus, light is used in an

  • Why Does God Allow Evil In The World

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    things happen to good people? Why does God allow it? In this paper we will be exploring the problem of the evil in the world and theodicy. If God is all powerful, and all knowing, and all good, how can that God allow evil to exist and for bad things to happen to good people? When questions like these arise, we turn to theodicy. Theodicy in essence means the defending of God’s good will in the existence of evil. It also may help provide plausible explanations as to why God allows evil to exist. In the

  • Theological Proof: Does God Exist?

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    Introduction to Philosophy Professor Lance Miller Steven Dykes Theological Proof: Does God Exist? Anywhere you look on social media, the internet, television and even radio for as long as I can remember there has been a debate over is God real. So, if God is real, how do we know God exists? In my opinion, thoughts, and experiences, my answer would be creationism. Creationism is defined as “someone who believes in a god who is absolute creator of heaven and earth, out of nothing, by an act

  • King versus McCloskey: Does God Exist?

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    there could not be a God. McCloskey shows that his argument for atheism is not sound as the evidence he proves in his article can be combatted with well-thought responses provided by philosophers and Christians in order to show there is the possibility God exists. To illustrate the weak points in McCloskey’s article, I will start with his use of “proofs”. McCloskey uses “proofs” in his arguments when combating against whether God is real. He believes since it cannot be proved that God exists that anything

  • What Does It Mean To Say God Is Unchangeable

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    Theology this concept refers to the invariability of God. It is a supernatural, meta-physical, quality in the same category as eternality or self-existence.[1] God is unchangeable in his purpose, nature, and desire.[2] Saying that God is immutable does not mean that he is not emotionally stirred by human circumstances that may cause him sadness, anger, grief, and/or happiness. The Immutable attribute of God refers to his consistency; it is to say that God will never differ from Himself. Likewise, his