does god exsit

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Does god exist? One of the most controversy topics in today’s world that has grown over the years. Whether he exist or not has been an argument between theist and atheist all over. Even though people should believe that god exist because the bible has concealed that his presence on this earth was real, god doesn’t exist because there is no scientific that his presence was real. It all lies on what people let their minds to believe.
It is pointless to take something based upon faith, which is based on no proof, just ambitious thoughts. This may be something that everyone may not agree upon, but I believe it is true. For as long as people first started their beliefs in god it has seemed that is a thought humans have just created in their own heads. Never in the history of humanity have we had any real proof that god was ever really real. The only ‘evidence’ we’ve had is documentaries and TV shows saying he must have existed. But still not even media has real proof. We all move on with our lives but we can definitely say that the question of does god actually exist is one to pop up into our minds more than we may even actually know it.
It all depends on what you are truly trying to find in a religion. If all you’re looking for is guidance and assistance, in living a fulfilling life, then a way of living without any beliefs in any paranormal being may be all that you may need. Many other religions such as mainline versions of Islam and Christianity, promise more than the others. They promise saving you from sin or evil in your life. If we are true to their teachings we’ll be safe from total destruction when we die and will be happy forever in our life after we descend from this earth. Because of the importance of this issue to all t...

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...s really upon us who protect ourselves and stay away from any harm or danger from life that has to throw in all our paths throughout life as we live it. Until we have someone who can give real evidence, this all made up information that we have let ourselves to create and build into our heads without thinking and stopping what we truly are letting our minds to think.
In conclusion, as much as humanity has been trying to get every piece of evidence there is to get other people to believe in god, he does not exist because we yet still have to wait for a confirmed answer of yes or no whether he was in fact once on this planet earth. Until then any other information is false and has no backup to it. Its all information that has been scattered around taken in by human beings for may years making them have that thought in their heads that god is real and he does exist.
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