Does God Really Exist?

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Religion is the belief in and worship of a phenomenal controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. Religion has been the part of human from the dawn of time, and whether people believe in almighty God or any other god. Most religions believe in a particular higher power, as a result it raises a question whether God really exists or not? Every person in this world can give an answer to that particular question in there on way and according to their religion. Some will say that God exists and they will give there proof of Gods existence, but there are others that believe God doesn’t exist and there is no such thing as God.
In a group of people whenever a religious topic is raised it always leads to an argument, a heated discussion or a debate. One of the biggest debates that is going on in this world is weather God really exists or not. Arguments for and against the existence of God have been proposed by philosophers, theologians, scientists, and others for thousands of years. As a result I decided to go and ask my parents, family members and friends the question that has been discussed amongst people of different religion, groups and families. But before I asked my question to the groups of people I had I thought about the answer I gave to my professor when this question was asked in class. I told her that I believe that God exists, and when I was asked for my proof I said because of all the miracles that I have seen in churches throughout my life and all the miracles that I have heard and saw on TV. I was not happy with my answer and I was ashamed that I couldn’t give a better answer. After that I thought to myself if I ask people around me that very same question will I get similar answer or w...

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... in the beginning of time and that part that we find in the beginning of time that was created by a phenomenal controlling power called God and that’s why I say there is a God. It was an incredible response and his response was satisfactory.
In conclusion, as a man who is raised as a Christian I have never dared to ask myself or anyone if God really exists until this assignment. And the reactions that I had gotten from everyone that I have asked is that there are certain things that science could not answer and those things that can’t be described are Godly creation and nothing else. So the next time I am asked this very same question I will answer in such a way, there is nothing to truly to prove that God really exist, but we know God exist because we feel it deep inside our heart and we believe. In other words I have faith that God does really exist.
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