Diet And The Benefits Of The Keetogenic Diet

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Ketogenic Diet:
There was once a time when low-fat diet was considered “healthy”. Oh, how times have changed!
When we look back a few decades, fat was considered evil, now the title has been given to carbohydrates in the world of fitness. The truth is, neither of them is evil, both are indispensable macronutrients required for a healthy functioning body. Ever since the studies depicted the effectiveness in weight loss of the low carbohydrate, high-fat diet, more and more fitness folks have embraced fat.
When we normally consume carbohydrate in our regular diet, the carbohydrate molecules break down to form glucose. Glucose is the easiest available source of energy, for this reason, our body utilizes glucose over any other sources of energy.
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The above discussed “metabolic shift” makes body incredibly efficient in burning more fat as a source of energy. The use of excess storage of fat leads to healthy weight loss in people from a ketogenic diet.
2. Due to severely low carbohydrate intake, the release of insulin in the blood is also low. Insulin is a hormone secreted by β- cells of the pancreas which aids in the storage of energy in muscle and adipose tissue.
What are the benefits of the ketogenic diet?
There is a wide range of topics that ketogenic diets are associated with. There are scientifically proven health benefits and some benefits are currently being studied.
1. Weight loss:
This is probably one of the reasons why ketogenic diet is so famous. We can see the hype about ketogenic diet everywhere in the fitness industry. Weight loss due to the ketogenic diet is demonstrated by a number of researches. As I have mentioned the mechanism of this particular phenomena, there are a bunch of fitness multi-nationals promoting ketogenic diet. While there is some truth about weight loss with ketogenic diet, it is not necessary for everyone to be on a ketogenic diet to lose weight. Management of weight with normal moderate carbohydrate restricted diet is still the most researched and safest way to manage
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Controls blood glucose:
The ketogenic diet has shown to be effective and better than moderate carbohydrate diet in maintaining blood glucose level. [Westman EC] [William S Yancy, Jr] The potential reason for the controlled blood glucose may be because due to the absence of external sources of carbohydrate, the blood glucose is fairly maintained at the same level by the liver at all hours of the day.
3. Other benefits:
a. In some studies, the ketogenic diet has shown to be effective in improving mental focus.
b. Ketogenic diets are widely being used in adjunct with cancer chemotherapy. This is because cancer cells require carbohydrate for growth and survival.
c. Ketogenic diets are widely used in epilepsy therapy especially in children.
d. Ketogenic diets are currently being researched for the management of Alzheimer’s disease.
e. Ketogenic diets are shown to improve triglyceride and cholesterol level.
Who should be and who should not be on a ketogenic diet:
The ketogenic diet isn’t a magic stick, you still need to count your calories and eat as much as nutritious food as with normal moderate carbohydrate
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