Data Warehousing Essays

  • Importance Of Data Warehousing

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    Concept hierarchies organize data or concepts in hierarchical forms or in certain partial order, these are used for expressing knowledge in concise, high-Ieve1 terms, and facilitating mining knowledge at multiple levels of abstraction. Concept hierarchies are also utilized to form dimensions in multidimensional databases and thus are essential components for data warehousing as well. In areas other than data mining, concept hierarchy is commonly called taxonomy. We adopt the term concept hierarchy

  • Film Distrubution Channels in Indonesia

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    intermediaries to market product is also a factor. Retailers in particular invest heavily in properties, shop fitting etc. They may decide not to support a particular product if it requires too much investment (e.g. training, display equipment, warehousing). Another important factor is intermediary cost. Intermediaries typically charge a "mark-up" or "commission" for participating in the channel. This might be deemed unacceptably high for the ultimate producer business. A key question is whether

  • Surviving The Last Plantation

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    had been so anarchic and murderous a federal judge had ruled that the prison "shocked the conscience" and breached the Eight Amendment’s guarantee against cruel and unusual punishment. Reform had begun then. […] [Warden Cain] aimed not merely at warehousing inmates safely, but at rebuilding them, at redeeming them, whether in terms of his Southern Baptist belief or in religious terms more broad ("Love thy neighbor…") or simply in the sense of learning to live in some valuable way, without the impulses

  • A Comparison of Online Shopping at JCPenney and Kohl's

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    JCPenney Dominates Over Kohl’s in Online Shopping Being a multi-billion dollar retailer comes with its perks. JCPenney’s dominance over catalog merchandising has now extended into the cyber world at This website is multi-functional and easy to navigate, but how would JCPenney’s new e-commerce site stack up against its toughest competitor, Kohl’s, on the web? The answer may surprise you. This is an intriguing look at how varied retail comparisons can be. While JCPenney is struggling

  • Analysis and Research for a data warehouse system

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    Analysis and Research for a data warehouse system Data warehousing is a difficult system and has to have the capability deliver quality data. An operational database is one which is used by organizations to run its day to day database activities. They are designed to handle rapid transaction processes with systematically updates. Velocity is important to operational databases. They are most commonly operated by office staff, and are on the order of megabytes of data to gigabytes. Database consistency

  • Technology in Transportation

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    environment, information technology plays an incredibly important role in almost every aspect of the day to day life of almost every industry. The transportation industry is, of course, no different. From the transport of goods from manufacture, to warehousing, to retail, to end-user, the industry relies on information technology to get things done. The transportation of people is the exact same; incredibly important to get done yet impossible without the impact of information technology. Technology

  • The Importance of Big Data to Business

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    Why Big-Data is important Why is Data is important for a company? What are the effects? Competitive advantage: All companies obtain information on their customers or on their product. All these information may help a business to develop new strategies. They can also forge ahead by treating these big data. All companies have in their possession those information, so use it can be very useful. A company can identify for example their weaknesses and can improve their strategy to become the best on

  • under armour

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    faster, and get a more productive IT Landscape that can reduce wastes and become more efficient, and a business community that makes faster decisions which is the primary focus of Under Armour. c. Predictive and Text Analysis on Big Data – Being able to forecast data and analyse critical information for the company. These on the other hand are the Applications that HANA specialises in; a. Cost Process Accelerators - It has a lot of modules namely FICO (Finance & Controlling), SD (Sales & Distribution)

  • Misrepresentations In Disenchanted

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    I attended a live performance of Disenchanted on April 23rd, 2017 at the Boulder Dinner Theatre. Book, lyrics and music were written, composed and lyricized by Dennis T. Giancio. Disenchanted tells a story about the classic Disney fairytale princesses, but takes a more satirical, feminist approach about each of the flaws of each Disney princess. The Disney writers presented the princesses in an unrealistic and unnatural way by over feminizing them and attempting to dim their racial/ethnic background

  • Nora Young's The Virtual Self

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    virtual self, by Nora Young is a book about self-tracking, the obsessive recording of the daily life online. The obsession with data. How is this data is altering the world. Many People are obsessed with this data. Sometime you don’t even notice that you are gathering a lot of data. Data can be pictures online, having a smartphone nowadays is enough to gather the data for you, Google android if enabled, has a website where you can see what do you do daily by showing you your journey, where you

  • What are Descriptive Statistics?

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    about the basic descriptive data elements that are needed to answer the question I previously posed, it is important to understand what we mean by descriptive statistics. Descriptive statistics describe the features of the data collected. In other words, descriptive statistics describe “what” the data looks like, but it does not tell you why or how data elements interact or influence one another. Descriptive statistics provide a defender with summaries about the data collected and these summaries

  • Statement Of Purpose For Earth Science

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    with my professors and professionals linked with oil and gas industry, I chose Geophysics as my area of interest for my graduation. I was then recruited by BGP International (one of the major Geological and Geophysical servicing company) as a Seismic Data Processing Geophysicist in 2009. The job required me to travel extensively across Pakistan as well as abroad and I provided project management solutions to large-scale EPC projects ranging up-to US$ 100 million. This en...

  • Stroke Essay

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    having stroke, females are more likely to die of strokes.1 Using a descriptive analysis on the stroke mortality data sets from the Center of Disease Control Wide-ranging Online Data for Epidemiologic Research (CDC Wonder), data was gathered on race, age, sex, geographic distribution, and incidence in a ten-year period. The stroke morality data was across a ten-year period, 2000-2010. The data examined only deaths categorized as I63.9, Cerebral Infraction, Unspecific and underlying cause of death, which

  • The Importance Of Data Mining On The Internet

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    the web for targeting customers based on their likes. This paper also covers the issues and concerns of data mining, and the privacy of online consumers. I will explain how personal information is obtained, and what purposes it is used for. I will also cover ways in which we can control how our information is being handled, and how to keep information out of other people’s hands. Keywords: data mining The Internet and Online Marketing Has online marketing gone too far? The privacy of consumers has

  • Entreprenurship Definition Essay

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    Women are weighing the importance of economic contribution they make to the household. The actual count of economically active married women is much more than aggregate level data would indicate. The great change had taken place when the machines were brought into use. Women were employed in factories. 1.4 Meaning and definitions of entrepreneurship There were different definitions given by different authors tried. Some of the definitions are given below. According to

  • Swot Analysis Essay

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    and its data as well. A cloud service differs from traditional hosting in three different ways. These three differences are that cloud computing is elastic, it is sold on demand, and the service is managed by the provider of the cloud. The easiest way to explain what cloud computing does is that it stores and gives access to different data and programs over the internet rather than just your computer’s hard drive. For it to be actually considered cloud computing it must include data or programs

  • My Dream Job For An Airline Job

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    checking in, baggage claim, boarding the place, and even used when flying. The hardware, which are mainly computers are everywhere and used to confirm people’s flights. The software on these computers is essential for allowing people into the airport. Data is everywhere, from the monitor screens around the

  • Cloud Computing Essay

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    has raised concerns in the loss of control over data as well as privacy and security. The idea of handing over important data to another client, worries many. With Cloud Computing continue to gain popularity, client and user are showing sign of over reliance to it. Hence, it is important to know these concerns and the inherent risks associated with it. The underlying risks exist in the area of security and privacy are loss of control over data and dependency on the service providers. These can

  • Data Driven Marketing: The Power Of Data Driven Marketing

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    Mark Benioff of once said, "The world is being re-shaped by the convergence of social, mobile, cloud, big data, community and other powerful forces. The combination of these technologies unlocks an incredible opportunity to connect everything together in a new way and is dramatically transforming the way we live and work." These are powerful words and so true of the world that we currently live in. Still, I also understand how hard it is to let go of the world we once lived in and

  • Action Research: Importance Of Action Research Model

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    progressive stages of internship, initial phases of internship at Vision Square Inc. involves learning and exploring Microsoft Business intelligence tools, then applying the BI tools emphasis will be made on extracting and reporting data from SQL database, creating tables on the data base along with establishing relationship between entities and elements. Intended output of this action research is to be able to generate effective administration of SQL database which will be as a part of work flow at Vision