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  • curriculum vitae

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    Education Radboud University, Nijmegen, NL, MSc Business and Administration, Marketing. (September 2012 - January 2014) • Intensive course which has covered all the relevant subjects for a marketing manager. Thesis, experimental study: “Sustainability: is it a valid asset or a liability? Investigation on consumer’s evaluation of sustainable product.” Despite of my bachelor which has been entirely focused on theoretical notions, this master has balanced my knowledge with strong practical skills (work

  • The Power of Understanding the Resume and Curriculum Vitae

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    After graduating college, finding a stable job is often the most important goal one could achieve. The crossroads recent graduates may face the decision between pursuing a job in the academia or the professional world. In order to successfully acquire a job in the academic world, a person should understand and use a C.V. On the other hand, if a person is seeking a job without any serious background, a resume would be appropriate to present during an interview. It is crucial to recognize that there

  • The Importance Of Skills In Personal And Professional Life

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    ensure that they improve on their professional work is curriculum vitae writing. Curriculum Vitae 's are an important part of the process when it comes to job application. However, some skilled potential employees miss on opportunities due to poor prepared Curriculum vitae 's. One of the best ways to learn how to write good curriculum vitae 's is by engaging the skills of professional curriculum vitae writers who will help one prepare good curriculum

  • Recruitment and Selection of Company's Workforce

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    ones being the following: Recruitment Document Features Job application * Information about the applicant regarding personal attributes, qualifications, experience and so on * Will be compared with the person specification Curriculum vitae * Personal details * Education * Qualifications * Work experience * Interests * Ambitions Letter of application * It is a brief and concise straight to the point recruitment document * It should have non-grammar, punctuation

  • Business Administration

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    The Issues of Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance and Marketing Introduction The field of business has been undergoing various changes over the past decades. Projections onto the future of business propose on the increase of business students with baccalaureate degree to have increased to eighty percent by 2020. It will also see on the doubling of business students with a MBA and doctorate degrees that will ensure that they have been engaged on lifelong learning. This has required

  • Essay On Professional Experience

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    Professional Path Project Throughout one’s life, there are many driving forces. Some of them are based upon one’s background; others are based upon one’s desires. In the realm of Higher Education, one does not enter lightly into a position, for, if one does, it can result in a burnout. It behoves individuals to play to their strengths and fill out their weaknesses so as to be a well rounded individual who is able to deal with a variety of situations, both positive and negative, as they arise. Throughout

  • Human Resources Management

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    Human Resources Management RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION 1. Introduction Task 1 1. A report distinguishing between traditional personnel management and the new approach to human resource management, outlining their historical development. 2. The Human Resource department in TD Travel Group. Its role and purpose in the organization. Task 2 1. An analysis of the objectives and the process of human resource planning. 2. An evaluation of the systematic approach to recruitment

  • Physical Therapy: A Career As A Physical Care Profession

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    Physical therapy is the most exciting healthcare profession. Being able to wake up every morning to help other people who have problems with their body is amazing. From joints to muscles, spinal cord, heart disease, lower back pain, head injuries, arthritis, fractures, and many other disabling conditions a physical therapist will be by your side one hundred percent. The job of a physical therapist is to evaluate your problem or difficulties. Once the evaluation is completed the therapist provides

  • My Learning Journey

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    As part of my second semester at university examining research and its implications, I have been exploring numerous methodical case studies to illustrate my knowledge into selected research, regarding scepticism, validity as well as ethics. One of the case studies that I looked into was Goldacre (2009). Research can often be distorted presenting incorrect information that results in contradictions as well as altering the meaning of the conducted research. Therefore “seeking through methodical processes

  • Examples Of Personal Strengths And Weaknesses

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    and weaknesses correctly. Knowing our own strengths and weaknesses is essential because it can help to achieve success in anything we choose to do. For me, my weakness is the time management, communication skills and weak in preparing effective Curriculum Vitae (CV) Below will be further explaining all my personal weaknesses and the ways to overcome it. 2.1.1 Paper 3 Personal and Time Management Time management can be defining as the ability to spend time effectively or productively to complete the