Do Schools Kill Creativity Essay

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Schools kills creativity
“Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status”-Sir Ken Robinson
In his praised talk on Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED), Sir Ken Robinson asked a question: Do schools kill creativity? This has been a disputed issue since the start of formal public education system in the industrial revolution era to satisfy the need of the time. Currently lots of reformation is been done globally in the education system, specially the use of technology and increasing amount of alternate education, to reduce dropouts and meet challenges of ever changing society, hasn't been satisfactory . Creativity defined as the use of imaginative or original idea to create something valuable, has been suppressed in school especially with standard evolution methods. Entire focus is on academic abilities and passing examinations to get a job which is not even certain, ignoring passion, talents and cultural identities. There is an urge for revolution than reformation in current obsolete concepts of education system.

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