Cultural Issues Essays

  • Socio-cultural Issues

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    Socio-cultural Issues Perhaps the most enriching and obvious societal change influenced by the web is education. The Internet is a library of infinite knowledge, and like all knowledge, some can help us and some can hurt us. Although there are numerous beneficial effects that the web has on education, I will address three: research, interactivity, and advancement. Research Having a virtual library with the ease and convenience of the Internet, students can be more efficient, resourceful, and

  • Sports Cause the Discussion of Ethical, Social and Cultural Issues

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    Discussion of Ethical, Social and Cultural Issues Abstract:  In contemporary American society, the pervasiveness of sports has become the vehicle for the discussion of important ethical and cultural issues. The typical American is included in this discussion due to this cultural saturation. This saturation plays an important role in public discourse. Sports provide an egalitarian platform for the daily discussion of important ethical, social and cultural issues. Throughout history, sports have

  • Cultural Issues

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    Cultural Issues “Cultures provide people with ways of thinking – ways of seeing, hearing, and interpreting the world” (, 2005, para. 1). Everyone seeing, hearing, and interpreting information differently can cause numerous cultural issues that can be problematic, or even detrimental to an organizations ability to be successful on a global level. Within this work an examination of four different videos will be completed, the objective is to identify five cultural issues in the videos

  • Cross Cultural Issues of Ikea's Operation in Different Countires

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    Cross cultural issues should be carefully considered whilst IKEA is operating as different countries will have different values, beliefs and attitudes. This would help ensure IKEA is operating ethically and responsibly within their countries of operation. Cross Cultural issues are an example of a major factor which encourages the success of multinational businesses. A majority of successful businesses have increased their competition and emerged into more countries. Multinational companies such as

  • Cyberspace Hate Propaganda and Internet Censorship

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    critical of content on the Internet implies that children think critically about cultural tolerance and intolerance: hate in reality should not be treated differently than cyberhate. Given that an education is provided to youth about cultural issues in school, censorship of hate propaganda is not necessary. Cyberhate and Freedom of Speech "Hate Propaganda in Cyberspace", by Young M. Kim, attempts to address the issue of censorship of the Internet with respect to hate propaganda. The relevancy of

  • Human Computer Interface

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    more varied spectrum e.g. internet, word processing, desktop publishing * Disabled Users (Mental and Physical) * Physical Disabilities i.e. one arm, one eye etc. * Mental Disabilities * Tourists * Language Barrier * Different Cultural Issues * Different User Levels Of Expertise * Expert

  • Globalization Causes Poverty

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    According to J.H. Mittelman, globalization is "a historical transformation in economy and cultural diversity." Globalization is the idea of making the world act like one huge country. Globalization affects this world and the people in this world in many ways. Globalization affects the economic status of a country. It has indeed weakened the position of poor countries and exposed poor people to harmful competition. Globalization is the strategy of liberation that becomes an economic nightmare for

  • Japan and Korea

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    INTRODUCTION : a brief overview of the current situation regarding the security issue in the Pacific region Since the end of the Second World War, the shape of the relations between the nations in the Pacific region has stayed more or less the same way until the present. However, there has been one big changed that affected the situation in the Pacific region and it was the outbreak of the Korean war and the creation of a Communist North Korea. This brought a huge inevitable change in relations

  • Gender based difference in managerial styles

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    female. The gents are in Executive positions with at least four years of full-time work experience and the lady a middle level manager with a total of 10 years in the corporate world out of which five have been in a management position. Although cultural issues are out of the scope of this assignment, the ethnicity of the members is thought to be relevant. All group members are from the Indian sub-continent, except one member who is a Middle Eastern male. All members work experience have been derived

  • Indigo

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    seen through her characterization and the symbolic use of the violin. However in peeling back the layers and focusing on this story from a Post – Modern standpoint the reader uncovers deeper issues. There is a sense of discontinuity in the linear structure that leads to a discovery about the cultural issues in this story. Indigo challenges the boundaries of her age and a society that struggles to find a place for her and her soul. That is going under the assumption that there is a place. "Indigo

  • Cultural Issues In Canada

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    Cultural issues are complicated and difficult to solve. Each society has their own custom in culture, it touches the heart of the people, their values, their beliefs, and their way of life. Many people felt the frequent exposure to foreign products such as movies, music, and periodicals will have a detrimental effect on their own cultural identity (Globalization101, n.d). As a result, in 1995 the Canadian government imposed a tax levy of 80% on the ad revenues in response to Time Warner’s split-runs

  • Cultural Issues In Social Work

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    while attending to his or her needs, as well as being sensitive to their cultural and ethnic diversity (National Association of Social Workers, 1999). While working with a client, it is necessary to examine the social system and apply the appropriate theories or perspectives that can be applied to that particular case. Additionally, it is important to determine how the social systems

  • Cultural Issues In The Caribbean Essay

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    notable colonization from Europeans, but also about the less discussed publicized slave trade that involved those from the Hispanic Caribbean as well as many Africans which also was courtesy of the European “colonization”. These events have caused issues that all stem from what a “real” Puerto Rican, Cuban, ect., when really there is not answer to

  • Cultural, Social, Culture, And Cultural Issues In Social Work

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    Cultural issues encompass all factors of society that influence people’s opinions, beliefs, and choices like public relations, religion, politics, and media to name but a few (IHE, 2015). It is vital to analyze the role of culture issues in society to fathom factors that affect a community. Every community faces complex problems regarding government, healthcare, education, and socialization structures. The ability to understand cultural facets that influence residents’ decisions is imperative in

  • Cultural Issues In Translating Text

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    In the "Cultural Implication for Translation" by Kate James, the author describes how translation is an activity which deals with at least two cultures, which makes translators face the problem of how to treat the cultural aspects of a source text and how successfully conveying these aspects in the target text. These problems vary according to how big the difference between the two languages is. Also, the aims of the source text will have implications for translation as well as the readers of both

  • Galax Arena And The Cultural Issues

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    How does cultural difference function among the peb who live in the Galax Arena? Rubinstein’s Galax-Arena (1992) is a science fiction text which shows that a barrier between cultures can be created through a fictitious scientific experiment called Project Genesis Five. Rubinstein creates cultural difference not only between members of the peb, but also between the peb and Vexa; which in turn shows the racial impacts of cross-cultural exchange. The text outlines the impacts of science on cultures

  • Asian Cultural Issues Essay

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    Just like cultures around the world, Asian cultures have numerous issues. Asia is struggling to find a method to better its society. Just like America, Asians have numerous issue in the everyday life, millions of people are suffering through anxiety, addiction and numerous other obstacles. These issues have been prevalent throughout the social history of Asia. Below I will highlight what I consider to be some important issues within the Asian culture. In Asia the motivation for the future of youths

  • Cultural Issues In The Movie Crash

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    For this assignment, I decided to watch “Crash”, a movie set in the streets of Los Angeles California and that shows the lives of various individuals with different cultural backgrounds. The movie starts with the scene of a car crash between an Asian woman and a couple of detectives near the sight of a murder, as the African American detective Graham Waters walks around the scene he stops because he saw something that shocked him, and from there a flashback begins. The first relevant scene shows

  • The World of Technical and Professional Writing

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    Much of what is written by a technical writer will need to appeal to individuals of varying situational backgrounds, and in this day of intense political correctness and moral responsibility, it is important to remember the ethical and other cultural issues associated with writing for diverse groups of people. Perhaps the foremost ethical question that presents itself to technical writers revolves around the question “What makes a piece of writing acceptable to one’s audience?” On the surface

  • Cultural And Environmental Issues In Shark Finning

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    body is discarded back into the ocean to die of blood loss, suffocation, or predation (Wigginton, 2014). Between 2000 to 2010 it was estimated that between 100 million to 273 million sharks were harvested annually (Worm et al. 2013). This is a huge issue in regards to ocean dynamics. Since sharks are apex predators, their removal can cause a shift in the food chain causing cascading effects down to the marine floor. Seeing that shark finning is such a large industry,