Cultural Issues In The Caribbean Essay

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As the Hispanic Caribbean has evolved it has managed to grow and thrive beyond belief, whether one is discussing art, music or just the culture alone the Hispanic Caribbean is truly reaping the benefits of allowing themselves to be influenced by many other cultures. While the Hispanic Caribbean is thriving they are still facing the many new found struggles that come along with the territory of becoming more affluent as well as more accepting to other cultures and their beliefs. Often with the growth of large proportions comes many problems, problems also can come about when incorporating of different cultures as a whole as well as just bringing in their beliefs and mannerisms. None the less it can be argued that the struggles being faced in …show more content…

A lot of these problems are not only because of other culture’s influences, but also their stigmas, perceptions and unpopular opinions. A great example of this is about how many Europeans have set a stigma that there is a certain type of person that is Hispanic and from there closing our minds to the fact that Hispanics, especially those from the Caribbean come in all shades, complexions and hair textures thanks to not only the very notable colonization from Europeans, but also about the less discussed publicized slave trade that involved those from the Hispanic Caribbean as well as many Africans which also was courtesy of the European “colonization”. These events have caused issues that all stem from what a “real” Puerto Rican, Cuban, ect., when really there is not answer to …show more content…

Some cultures in the Spanish Caribbean participate in sacrificing and they also hold clergy to a different standard than those in the United States. Some of the religious practices they have also involved monotheism although polytheism is more customary. Some often look at their sacrifice as odd, disgusting and inhumane. When in reality most of us come from cultures that historically made sacrifices and were

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