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  • Media Coverage

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    Media Coverage Before modern mass media was at hand, giant news events could not be made known to the public until long after they occurred. The media has always made disasters and wars the large news stories. These have always been the prime news events for the last few decades. And with the development of television and other technologies the ability to show the public what is going on became easier and easier. Now that mass media was available the public could almost immediately view or read

  • The Lack of Women's Sports Coverage

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    The Lack of Women's Sports Coverage Can women's sports establish itself as a topic of on-going media and journalism curiosity?  Currently TV stations do minimal coverage of women's sports, while newspapers and magazines do just a little bit better.  In a recent interview with Gary Webb, a sports writer for The Spectrum, he says that "the people have demonstrated that there is an audience that loves hearing about women athletes.  After all, they are somebody's kids, sisters, and moms".  I learned

  • Corporate Interests and Their Impact on News Coverage

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    Corporate Interests and Their Impact on News Coverage Hypothesis There is no denying that news media is big business. The complete coverage of stories and investigative reports are certainly at risk with the rise of media as a business, rather than strictly a service to the public. Over the past few years, there have been a number of cases where television stations or news publications have killed news stories or forced reporters to slant stories due to pressure from advertisers or those

  • Media Coverage of the China-Tibet Talks

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    Media Coverage of the China-Tibet Talks For the past several decades, China has been trying to take over Tibet. During this conflict, the leaders of these two nations have been communicating with each other. Overall, talks have not been very successful, for conflicts still exist. The coverage of their communications by the media has been mixed. The level of objectivity and quality of content are not consistent. For detailed and unbiased information about China-Tibet talks, long articles from

  • Mass Media Coverage of Presidential Election

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    Mass media coverage of the U.S. presidential election involves two key elements- news reporting and paid advertising. Combined they make the media an important and influential factor in the election process. The media depends upon the campaigns for both news and revenues. The candidates then rely upon the media to get in touch with the largest number of voters possible. The Media has a “ very powerful and justifiable role” (Fullerton-1) to play in presidential elections and can actually dictate a

  • Expanding Medicare to Include Prescription Drug Coverage

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    Expanding Medicare to Include Prescription Drug Coverage Introduction Throughout the past year of presidential campaigning, one of the top issues for both candidates has been that of whether or not there should be a prescription-drug benefit added to Medicare. Both George W. Bush and Al Gore have proposed a plan to expand Medicare to include full prescription-drug coverage for senior citizens receiving Medicare, at the expense of taxpayers. It is obvious why this issue has been such a priority

  • An Analysis Of Media Coverage Of Ebonics: Incorporating Black English Into The Curriculum

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    Introduction The debate on Ebonics has virtually left the media spotlight. The proposal by the Oakland School District in early 1997 to use Ebonics to help African-American children learn Standard English met with much opposition. Few people supported the Oakland resolution which, backed by the Linguistic Society of America, acknowledged Ebonics as a language variety complete with its own syntax, structure, and rules of grammar. The media triggered a dialogue among Americans about the appropriateness

  • Radio B92: Unbiased Civil War Coverage by Serbia’s Own

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    Radio B92: Unbiased Civil War Coverage by Serbia’s Own Fair and impartial reporting of the Balkan wars in the 1990s was a difficult and lone venture. Almost all of the international media had their own biases due to their countries’ part in the war (through NATO or their proximity to the conflict), their acceptance of parts of Serbian government propaganda, or simply their overly exaggerated partialities against the Serbians because of a common belief that all Serbians were entirely responsible

  • Mobile Phones In Business

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    people to communicate anywhere. It can be carried anywhere as long as there is a signal transmission. There are three types of Mobile coverage, which are: AMPS, GSM and CDMA AMPS (Analogue Mobile Phone System) It is an analogue signal and system for transmit data and be used for mobile communication. The strength of this system is it has a better network coverage than GSM. However it is the most insecure mobile phone. This system is also going to be closed in Australia until end of 2000 as the government

  • The Year of the Woman

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    female and male candidates differently when covering campaigns for political office. In order to counteract the biased coverage in the papers the women of the 1992 Senate race used 30-second advertising spots to assert their key issue stances and strengths. Though this was not the sole purpose of their ads, they were very much geared toward compensating for the lack of fair coverage they were receiving in the news. Ultimately they persevered. Through verbal and nonverbal content, as defined by Lynda

  • Contraception Coverage

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    People buy health insurance to cover their medical expenses because accidents and health problems can arise at any time. Many health services are not reaching the medical needs of women and giving them exactly what they need and people don’t realize that there is more to birth control then what it seems. There are a lot of benefits from birth control and it is not just women trying to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Some examples of these benefits include; healthier skin, stopping menstrual flow, and

  • Prescription Drug Coverage

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    identified is prescription drug coverage. This interests me because prescription drugs are a major part of modern medicine. They serve as compliments to medical procedures; substitutes for surgery or other procedures; and new treatments where there were none previously (Oliver, Lee & Lipton, 2004). As the medical community’s understanding of the human body increases the possibility for new pharmaceutical interventions will increase. Prescription drug coverage is an important issue because many

  • Sectors of Leisure and Recreation for Football and Swimming

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    popular physical sport (after walking) in the UK according to the national statistics online 2002. However unlike football swimming suffers from a lack of financial support, mainly because it is largely an amateur sport and has very little media coverage. In my investigation I will look at some of the differences and similarities between the two sports, and will use areas like the scale of the sport, organisation and funding, the impact of the mass media and future trends in my chosen sport to

  • Discrepancy in Media Coverage

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    The discrepancies in media coverage in coverage of female and children athletics have large gaps, but are gaining momentum in sharing equality. Major athletic leagues such as the NBA and FIFA World Cup have wide gaps in marketing and ratings for their male and female athletes. Children are future athletes and superstars, but as funding and coverage in athletics catering to the males, women are breaking the barriers to be in the spotlight of sport. Both gender contribute equally to athletics, and

  • Health Insurance Coverage

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    Health Insurance Coverage Your health insurance coverage should adjust to the changes in your life Help protect your loved ones by picking the right health coverage plan. If you live in La Grange, come in and talk to us. Aines, Carter & Associates offers various types of affordable individual and family health insurance plans, so you can select a plan that’s right for you. Medicare Supplements You may be eligible for A Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap). A Medigap plan pays some of the

  • Motorcycle Insurance Research Paper

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    Comprehensive coverage will pay for damage or loss of your motorcycle in the event of something other than a collision with another vehicle. These would be things such as theft, fire, vandalism, a windstorm and colliding with an animal. This is great to have because then you are covered in a large variety of accidents or situations out of your control. - Bodily Injury/Property Damage Liability - Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage - Medical Payments - Trip Interruption - Total Loss coverage is paid

  • Bias In Coverage Of War

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    Bias in Coverage of War It’s true the media can shape the views of the public and can serve as a legitimate source that is empowered to analyze a situation and propose possible solutions because it allows the public to believe in its credibility and impartiality, at least that is what we seem to know. However, in reality, research and studies have shown that the media can generate dissent from the public by focusing or repeating information intended to sway the public. The Arab-Israeli conflict has

  • School Shootings in America

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    factors such as television and music, what children are exposed to in reality contributes to the violence. The most recent school shooting in Michigan involved a six-year-old first grader who killed a classmate with a .22 caliber pistol. The news coverage had vanished after two or three days, and I was left wondering what had happened. Considering the fact that the media wore the Columbine incident out, I wanted to know why they did not pay more attention to this school shooting. As evidence did arrive

  • Media And Politics: Agenda Setting And Framing

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    figures, issues, and institutions. In addition, the media can frame political agendas by influencing public perception and interpretation. (Ginsberg, Lowi & Weir, 1999) Agenda Setting and Framing Political Figures and Candidates In campaigning, media coverage plays a large role for candidates. They use the media to make their name heard and image seen. “Nearly everything a candidate does is geared toward the media, especially television” (Stuckey, 1999, p. 99) Candidates make appearances on talk shows

  • Media Bias and Concentration

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    look at its most popular forms today would most definitely reveal several glaring inequities in the way TV networks, print media, and internet websites communicate information. Many media sources are slanted, one way or another, in their views and coverage of people and events. Everette Dennis once stated that objectivity is what sets apart American mass media from the rest of the world and is one of the most important precepts of American journalism (103). In present times, however, media that provides