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    Fiona McFarlan’s debut novel “ The night guest” starts with our main character Ruth who lives in a remote seaside house with her cats, she is a recent Widow, her sons live far away. One night Ruth wakes up and is convinced of hearing a Tiger in her living room. She immediatley calls her son Jeffrey who assures her there is no tiger. The next day Frida Young seems to simply show up on Ruth’s doorstep claiming she has been send as a part of an Australian governement program that provides elderly

  • Vaccine Coverage

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    This is the first study to evaluate influenza vaccine coverage in Thailand. Our study found that the quantity of publicly-purchased influenza vaccines has increased by 39% from 2010 to 2012 in Thailand. From 2010 to 2012, vaccine wastage also increased (trend p <0.05), and averaged 9.5%. While influenza coverage has risen among persons with a chronic disease and elderly persons aged ≥65 years, it has decreased for all other high-risk groups. However, persons with a chronic disease and elderly

  • Media Coverage

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    Media Coverage Before modern mass media was at hand, giant news events could not be made known to the public until long after they occurred. The media has always made disasters and wars the large news stories. These have always been the prime news events for the last few decades. And with the development of television and other technologies the ability to show the public what is going on became easier and easier. Now that mass media was available the public could almost immediately view or read

  • Coverage Decisions

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    into consideration by decision-makers when making coverage decisions about services or health technologies1. I will make two points: the first one is that the classical quantitative evidence about efficacy, effectiveness, safety and efficiency is necessary but not sufficient to make coverage decision. The second one is that decision-makers should be transparent about the standards they used to decided how good would be good enough to qualify for coverage (i.e., any measure of effectiveness should be

  • Contraception Coverage

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    clots. If so many women depend on contraception for a variety of medical needs, then what is the controversy over? What are the laws that are telling people they can’t or can have coverage for much needed prescriptions? Recently since President Barack Obama took office he implemented a new era of health care coverage. He feels that all people should have the right to affordable health care. “As a part of the Affordable Care Act, the federal government issued a rule that required health plans to

  • Insurance Coverage of Contraceptives

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    health care plans, as well as any related medical services. These services entitle, annual visits for womens recommended preventive care and services. Although depending on individual state policies, some states allow employers or insurers to refuse coverage of contraceptives based on religious or moral grounds. Other opponents of birth control simply do not think it is worth the rise in premiums if insurers covered all common forms of contraceptives. However, a new law now requires insurance companies

  • Coverage Of The Missing Schoolgirls

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    270 girls could occur without much resistance. The difference between the two you may ask: the missing flight received nearly immediate coverage, while it took almost a month for the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls to even make a headline, much less the front page of any news report or article. Up until a few days ago, the media had remained largely silent. Coverage of the missing schoolgirls has been limited, non-existent even, due to major headlines, such as the aforementioned missing Malaysian flight

  • Discrepancy in Media Coverage

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    The discrepancies in media coverage in coverage of female and children athletics have large gaps, but are gaining momentum in sharing equality. Major athletic leagues such as the NBA and FIFA World Cup have wide gaps in marketing and ratings for their male and female athletes. Children are future athletes and superstars, but as funding and coverage in athletics catering to the males, women are breaking the barriers to be in the spotlight of sport. Both gender contribute equally to athletics, and

  • Universal Health Coverage

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    UNIVERSAL HEALTH COVERAGE Scoping Report: Rwanda Introduction According to the WHO, Universal Health Coverage ensures the provision of affordable, good quality health care services, which are easily accessible to those in need. Two key aspects of UHC include Health Service Coverage and Financial Risk Coverage. The latter is key, according to the WHO, because it provides the assurance that patients will not suffer severe financial hardship as a consequence of seeking medical care. Indicators that

  • Prescription Drug Coverage

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    identified is prescription drug coverage. This interests me because prescription drugs are a major part of modern medicine. They serve as compliments to medical procedures; substitutes for surgery or other procedures; and new treatments where there were none previously (Oliver, Lee & Lipton, 2004). As the medical community’s understanding of the human body increases the possibility for new pharmaceutical interventions will increase. Prescription drug coverage is an important issue because many